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East New York

Breaking News : NY Suspends 8 Charter Bus Lines

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid a rash of tour bus crashes, on Monday said he will suspend the operating licenses of eight charter and tour bus companies and their 100 buses after repeated failures in safety inspections.


"The frequent and at times flagrant violations of state and federal safety regulations by charter bus companies has gone on for too long and put too many lives at risk," Cuomo said.


The Cuomo administration said the companies each failed three or more roadside inspections of buses or drivers in the last six months.


The order, which for the first time suspends companies' licenses, will sideline about 100 buses within five days until state officials can thoroughly inspect the buses and approve them for the road. The stepped-up enforcement comes after several fatal bus crashes this year. Two crashes involving buses last week killed three people.


U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., is seeking a nationwide remedy.


"There have already been more tour bus crashes this year than in all of 2010," Schumer said. "If that isn't a call to action, I'm not sure what is."


Read the complete story here.

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Just get new buses and do not hire just anyone with a Backround check .

This could be 1 or more of our members killed in a crash and it shouldn't be.

Do what ever is needed for safety.

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