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Amtrak Introduces Environmental Engineer in Philly and DC


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Amtrak Introduces Environmental Engineer in Philly and DC


WASHINGTON - On July 26 and 27, Amtrak will promote environmental awareness with the introduction of ARTE the Environmental Engineer, a main feature of its "Amtrak and the Environment" section of the Whistle Stop mini-site. ARTE (Amtrak Recognizes the Environment) the Engineer — named by rail fans in an online contest — is a green, leaf-shaped mascot found on Amtrak's new community mini-site. ARTE will visit Philadelphia 30th Street Station and Washington Union Station to educate passengers on the energy efficiency of train travel and to hand out Blue Spruce seedlings they can plant to offset their carbon footprint. Representatives from Amtrak's Environmental Department will also be available to answer questions.


The purpose of ARTE the Engineer is to guide readers to environment-focused information throughout the Whistle Stop site. Information on environmental issues as well as strategies on reducing your carbon footprint can be found by going to Amtrak.com/Whistlestop and clicking on "Amtrak and the Environment." The site encourages Amtrak passengers to analyze the affects of their daily activities on the environment and shows ways to help reduce your impact on the earth. Readers can also check out Arrive magazine's special green issue, as well as other Amtrak "green" initiatives such as the Trails & Rails program on the new site.


ARTE will hand out Blue Spruce seedlings (while supplies last) to passengers outside of the Acela waiting area in Philadelphia on July 26 between 3:00 and 6:00 pm and at Washington Union Station on July 27 between 3:00 and 6:00 pm, to help passengers offset the carbon generated from their trip. Each Blue Spruce that is planted will grow into a tree which absorbs two tons of CO2 in its lifetime — offsetting the carbon output from 14,000 miles of train travel.


CARBON EMISSIONS (per passenger mile)

Rail .21kg

Car .35kg

Air .48kg


Compared to traveling by car or air, Amtrak is the most energy efficient way to travel across America, while seeing the environment you are saving along the way.

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