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TSA violated law when installing full body scanners, court says

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A Bit old (July 15), but here we go:


It’s a strange feeling, these new full-body airport scanners.


You step forward, having been randomly selected from the line of passengers, unsure of what’s going to happen if you haven’t gone through the process before.


You step into the large circular machine and raise your arms like you’re being held up at gunpoint. (The irony.) The massive machine hums, and a camera spins on each side of you. You try not to move a muscle.


The TSA guard motions toward you, you drop your hands and you’re on your way to collect your things at the other end of the x-ray machine.


And now it’s illegal — at least for now.


The U.S. Transportation Security Agency violated federal law when it installed full-body scanners in American airports because it failed to follow proper procedures, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.


But it’s not the controversial scanners themselves that fell on the wrong side of the law — rather, it was the TSA’s installation of them.


The Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. said the agency was not exempt from laws that require federal agencies to first notify the public and seek comment.



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Now are you required to have a rap sheet when joining the TSA or is it just helpful?


I'm pretty sure that if your IQ is above 80, you must have a rap sheet to apply or you will not be hired. Having a rap sheet also means you will get those jobs where you personally go through people's valuables without supervision.

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