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Railfanning photos from today 6/1/08


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R40 D train at West 4th Street



R40 D train leaving West 4th Street



R46 F train at Broadway-Lafayette



Bleecker Street



R142 4 train passing by Bleecker Street



R46 R train at Canal Street



R160 Siemens N train at Canal Street



R160 Siemens N train at 14 Street



R160 Siemens N train leaving 14 Street



R143 L train at 8th Ave


p><p>[img]<a href=http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f160/error46146/DC-Transit/Railfanning_6-1-08/DSCN0016.jpg' alt='DSCN0016.jpg'>

R40M D train at 2nd Ave



R40M and R42



R40 D train at 2nd Ave



One more..



R42 J train near the Williamsburg Bridge



R160 M Shuttle entering Myrtle/Broadway



R143 L train at Lorimer Street



Metropolitan Avenue/Grand Street



R46 G train at court Square



R32 E train entering 23rd/Ely Avenue



R32 E train at 7th Ave



72nd Street station






R68 D train at 42nd Port Authority



R62A 7 train near 45th



R62A 7 train near 40th



R62A 7 train leaving 74th



R46 R train leaving 63rd Drive.


Videos coming soon, but thats all for now enjoy your day everyone !

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I like the shot of the R32 entering 23-Ely, with the moving fluted steel. Also the R40 with (D) - 205 Street, Bronx to Brighton Beach could be a reversion to the old days when the (D) terminated at Brighton Beach 6:30AM-8PM weekdays.


How I miss the Brighton Line (D) Days. however, thats a slant (B) being utilized as (D) service, with the top terminal and letter changed...

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So, i am really tempted to come next week (12th) and scour the system for slants before they are gone, even if i have to stop & get off at every station on the (B) and (D). Nice shots. I love the one with the 2 different car types. That is EXACTLY what i saw when i was describing seeing a different type of car from the one i was in through the RFW!!!


- Andy

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and slants are still plentiful on the B so you don't have to get off at every stop, but their ONLY on the B now their all gone from the other lines so they are still close to extinction

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Very cool! I like the column shot with BL'KER on it. They contracted Bleeker instead of going with smaller lettered tile that might not be as easy to see, looks like. Keep up the good photos.

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Your photos just triggered some SERIOUS de-ja-vu and mind tripping... You have photos at 72nd street (:rolleyes:(C)... Did you walk down 72nd street between that entrance & columbus/9th ave? Did you notice that funky brick building? That, and some really fancy condo building that looks 100 years old with black decorative railings next to the basement window trench.


I went to the MNH from the (1)(2)(3) 72nd street station, and i also bought new shoes at a crocs store on columbus/9th between 73rd and 72nd 2 weeks ago. Very de-va-vu because i was ALSO just there a few days after you this past friday hunting R40's! *twilight zone music plays*


- Andy

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