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Turning on the A/C in OMSI-

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How do you turn on the A/C in OMSI? They keep complaining the bus is too hot lol but i have all the windows open already :/

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Ok lol those buses are from 1973 to the early 90's and they had no A\C instead they have fans.

The proper way to keep your bus warm or cool is set the weather before you place a bus.

I use real weather so I go to the drop down select EDDT which is real weather for Berlin since many maps are in a Berlin setting.So once you place your bus the bus temperature will be the outside temperature.


Once you turn that engine on your bus will heat normally depending the temp outside.If the temperature outside is between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius then thats a comfortable temperature. Anything above 25 can be too warm and below 15 degrees can be too cold.


Ways to cool the bus down is opening ALL windows and adjusting the fan if that doesn't work drive with the front door open that'll cool the bus by about 1 degree every 1- seconds depending how fast your going.


Ways to heat the bus close all windows and put the heat knob to red all the way up and turn the fan on high and thats it!

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