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I need help to make things for my destination signs please!

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*Mods, if you think this is inappropriate, close this please*

Sorry for the looooonnnnng title, but I need help to prepare my letters for my LED signs.

Here are my letters :



What I need two people to do is :

Take that whole image and paste it into paint. Then, select the green color and fill in the letters in green and take the black and wipe it all over the blank parts of the background. Person two does the same thing, but uses the color purple. Please post what are you doing.



What I need 4 people to do is :

Paste that image into paint.

Person 1 : Select the ligher gray color and fill in the colored dots and cover the background with black.

Person 2 : Select the orange and do the same thing as person 1.

Person 3 : Same thing with the color as yellow green. Something like this : (G)

Person 4 : Same thing with the color brown.

Thanks to the people who are going to help me!


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Sorry, I don't have the R142/A letters and templates. B)


I haven't tested out the 142/A LED signs yet!


Say, why don't you take the one I posted and do the colors for me! Just do the colors! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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