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I was lucky! [3 short vids, 2 shots]

Quill Depot

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I was lucky to see 2 R32 A's and 2 R46 C's! But 1/2 of them were on the wrong side of the platform. Caught em all at W4! They all came to me when walking up from the 6th Ave Platform so I did'nt get on. I have many more pics in the video of pics. I also took other short vids. Sorry, some pics came out blurry. The really bad ones I kept out. It's funny an R46 (C) rolls in, and all the sudden on the other side of the platform an R32 (A) is stopping!


R46 (C)


R32 (A)






The other vids are short but here they are.


R46 A. Note the E (left)


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