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Excellent Manhattanville B/O on SOS M5 LTD Broadway-168th St trip Tonight

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It was around 19:00 and I got on northbound M5 #6420 at State St/Whitehall St. I decided on M5 instead of BPC Shuttle Bus. I decided to stay on M5 bus.

At somewhere in Church St, parent with baby boarded bus and did not know she has to fold strollers (Doesn't all bus companies across USA/Country is same policy for safety)? She ask male B/O to remind her when he get to Riverside Drive/89th St.


Around 19:30ish, #6420 was ordered by dispatcher to make limited-stops.


Around 6th Av/18th St, mother came up to B/O and ask how long it takes it. Then she joke to see if she could have jacket.

After leaving 6th Av/23rd St, male B/O told her, "Miss, do you want my jacket?"

He took off his jacket and gave to mother. She replied with smile, "Thank you. I never forget this." She put jacket over her baby to warm baby up.



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Interesting story there!


As far as the stroller issue, it is up to each individual agency. Most all of them make passengers fold up the strollers, but a few don't, and at least one that I know of has an area for an unfolded stroller.

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