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What is your favorite and least favorite Brooklyn bus line

UlmerPark B6

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The B41 the best route in brooklyn.

-Has great service and good headways

-Easy to get a seat

-It uses great masterpiece relible RTSs

-Its fleet is maintained by greatbush depot


The B46 same as B41

The B44 same as the B41 and B46


The B6

-Sometimes has great headways

-it uses RTSs with express bus seats

-The RTSs can go really fast on some parts of this route


On a side note these routes were awsome when street exutst RTSs ran on them!!!


Now my least favorites....


The B35 this route sucks

-It has crappy low floor buses that run on it

-Theres always traffic and cars are aways douple parked

- its painfully slow


The B43

-Aways traffic

-It had crappy low floor buses running on it(Thank god this route got transfer to grand ave so some RTSs can run on it)

The B12

-The route is not senic

The B14

-Same as B12 and other reasons


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B7 Home Route

B25 Kinda boring, but the drivers usually punch it

B26 Home Route

B41/44/46 Scenic and all RTS's

B51 nice route to/from Lower Manhattan

B60 They always drive fast, and use mostly RTS's

B75 Short run with Orion V and VII CNG's

Q24 Home Route, and it goes to B'way Junction


Least Favorites:

B12 Boring

B15 too long

B35 Boring

B42 Boring

B54 traffic at rush is insane, and Myrtle is too narrow. Seems like it takes all year to get from Downtown to Ridgewood

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B1 : Helped me drastically during Stillwell Reconstruction, connecting me with the Avenue X (F) Station back to Brighton Beach.


B68 : Yet again, helped me during Stillwell Reconstruction, connecting me with the (W), then (D) at Coney back to Brighton. However, slow and jammed via Coney Island Avenue.


BM1 ? Ex-Command, now (MTA) Bus. Church Av / Ocean Parkway to downtown via Gowanus / Battery Tunnel.


Least Favorite:


B82 : Rode it once, last September, almost 65 minutes between Pennsylvania Av and Kings Highway on the (Q).

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