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I'm a lucky man today!

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Well I think I'm lucky... so it starts out like this, my mom said she had to go do something a Jay st today so I figured what the hell I'll go too, I have nothing to lose, maybe I'll even catch a R-42 (A) or R-32 (A). So at 207st the next train leaving was the R-32, I said alright I always wanted to take a video of a R32 (A). So I took a video of it leaving Jay:




Then on the way back I saw this waiting for me on the platform:




R46 (F) train! I believe there's only one set.


Finally, the (A) train came into Jay:



Another R-32 YESSS! I got out at 59st to take the (1). It would have been even better to catch a R-42 (A) on the way back, but I don't care I happy with what I caught today...please comment! :)

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The 32 (A) has been pretty common as of late, ive gotten it a few times now when i really wanted more R46 photos, the R46 (F) is tricky to find, its like the R42 (J), theres only 1-2 sets on it, 3 at the most so that one ya you were lucky. I had the misfortune of missing both R46 (F)s last time I Was down there.

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