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In Tucson, Arizona, We Have No Rush Hours!

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I thought this might be of interest.


Here in Tucson, Arizona, we have no rush hours, and thus, no rush hour service!


Instead, what Sun Tran does is divide weekdays into a day-part, an evening-part and a tiny night-part.


For example, on our busiest bus route, the #8 Broadway/6th Avenue, on weekdays ten (10) minute service begins with the 6:34 am Northbound and the 6:03 am Southbound (A note here: the #8 has two (2) Northern terminals - North Harrison Road and East Speedway and North Wilmot Road and East Pima Street; ten (10) minute service thus begins/ends at East Broadway and North Wilmot Road on the East Side).


Ten (10) minute service then continues all day until the 5:35 pm Northbound and the 5:33 pm Southbound.


Between 4:38 am and 6:34 am and between 5:35 pm and 6:34 pm Northbound and between 4:36 am and 6:03 am and between 6:03 pm and 7:04 pm weekdays, the #8 has fifteen minute service. From 6:34 pm to 11:04 pm Northbound and from 7:04 pm to 11:34 pm Southbound, the #8 has half-hour service and only the Harrison Road terminal.


Another thing Sun Tran has adopted is the unique way of terming service.


For example, the #8 does operate until Midnght, but the trick is the 11:04 pm from the Laos Transit Center is the one that arrives at Harrison at 12:10 am while the 11:18 pm from Harrison is the one that arrives "in Laos" at 12:20 am.


Pretty neat, huh?


Each of Sun Tran's local bus routes follow this same plan.


Yes, we do also have express routes. Sun Tran currently operates thirteen (13) weekdays express bus routes.


The most popular are our #110X Rita Ranch - Downtown Express and our #312X Oro Valley - Tohono Express. These two (2) express routes are bi-directional and each makes three (3) Morning and three (3) afternoon trips in each direction. The #103X Northwest - Downtown Express makes four (4) Inbound (to the Ronstadt) trips in the morning and four (4) Outbound (to the Northwest Side) trips in the afternoon.


All other express bus routes make at least three (3) trips.

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Actually, one or two local Sun Tran bus routes do have less service during the Day Part.


One of these is Route # 4 Speedway. Like Route # 8 Broadway/6th Avenue, Route # 4 has two eastern terminals: East Speedway and North Harrison Road and South Kolb Road and East Golf Links Road.


Weekdays between 8:20 am and 1:31 pm, Route # 4 buses alternate betwen every 14 and every 16 minutes westbound rather than every ten minutes while weekdays between 9 am and 2 pm Route # 4 buses operate every 15 minutes eastbound rather than every ten minutes.


For Route # 4 buses, North Kolb Road is the dividing line - displays will read either HARRISON (full Speedway service) or GOLF LINKS (Kolb Road service); For Route # 8 buses, North Wilmot Road is the dividing line - displays will read either HARRISON (full Broadway service) or WILMOT/PIMA (North Wilmot Road service).


At 6:22 pm westbound and 6:50 pm eastbound, Route # 4 begins half-hour evening service. Unlike Route # 8, Route # 4 continues to alternate eastern terminals.


Eastbound only, the 11:30 pm from The Ronstadt reaches Golf Links Park and Ride at 12:15 am.

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