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help, need dimensions of r27 in 1:160th scale

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Hi guys i need help finding the length width and height of the r27 in 1:160th scale aka n-scale. i'm not good with this type of math, so this would really help thanks so much.;)

Taken from the nycsubway.org datasheets and divided by 160:


End-to-end length: 4.40625 in

B end(from the center of the door opening to back wall): 0.45 in

A end(from the center of the door opening to front wall): 0.675in

Door opening width: 0.2875 in

Distance between door openings: 1.09375 in

Door opening height: 0.465625 in

Window height: 0.175 in

Window width: 0.46875 in

Bottom of window to bottom of car: 0.2625 in

Car Width:0.75 in

Car height (floor to top of roof): 0.634375 in

Car height (floor to side wall): 0.465625 in

Truck height (bottom of wheel to floor): 0.278125 in

Truck wheelbase (distance between axles lengthwise): 0.5125 in

Wheel diameter: 0.2125 in

Truck gauge (distance between wheels widthwise):0.328125 in

Distance between trucks: 3.34375 in


These are the links to the datasheets I used to derive those numbers:



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