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230 is on the BX19

Guest MTA Bus

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haha thanks for posting it. Yes it was on the Bx19. OVERNIGHT.


Today it was fully in service on the BX21 bus. Photos coming up.


NEXT WEEK dont expect on the Bx19/Bx21 sooo fast as it being tested on every line. Higher chances on routes that run over 181st Street Crosstown (BX11/BX35/36+LTD)


I'm going looking for that bus at Simpson Street, where 4 West Farms routes connect.....


Read above bro. Although there are 5 WF buses around that area (+ the BX6), that doesn't mean it will be on there. Dont forget the BX8 / BX15 / BX21 / BX31 / BX33 / BX36

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All I gotta say is I feel bad for that bus, These people are gonna trash the damn thing, oh well BTW Nice Cacth, They should have only ran it on the Bx8 thats a very decent line for the bus

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