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QV lfs


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Order complete 8087-89 arrived today


That's great!


2 things:


1) Lets get some ads on these buses (lol) since April/May these buses haven't seen any ads. Hopefully that changes soon.


2) Lets get these other new buses delivered to NYC. Feeling the new diversity of buses that are coming to NYC, including some favorites of mine, MCI and New Flyer. :tup:

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Then what shall happen to 90 8750-9349 series RTS-06s?


they are either gonna go straight to scrap, of they are gonna go to a depot that knows how to treat them properly (i.e 126th, eastchester, or quill {and yes that was a shot at QV}) so they can squeeze some more life out of them before they go to scrap..

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Ok, so I guess 8080, 8081 and what ever hadn't arrived are all in? What will QV transfer out next when they get their XD-40s and O-73Gs?


QV had enuff EOL to replace without having to send anything out. The most u might see now insminor swap with JA with the 1998 I could see some of #4900-4944 coming back to QV.


Just what I think..

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