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Finally, World Trade Center rises from ground zero

East New York

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NEW YORK (AP) —Ten years after the 9/11 attacks destroyed the World Trade Center, an 80-story glass and steel tower is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of ground zero. The site called a "hole in the ground" for years has cranes in the air, trains running underground and hundreds of trees planted around giant, man-made waterfalls to remember the dead of Sept. 11. And the surrounding neighborhood —no longer just a financial district —is bursting with young families, new schools, a Whole Foods and a Barnes & Noble.


Tourists squint and point their cellphones at 1 World Trade Center, once known as the Freedom Tower. "I'm kind of proud because I was here two weeks after 9/ 11 and this was a dust pit," said Larry Brancato, 59, of Wallingford, Conn, walking by ground zero. "It just shows that Americans have always had a can-do attitude." After years of inertia, and prolonged disputes between government agencies, insurer and a developer who had just taken out a 99-year lease on the towers when they were toppled, the development of the trade center is substantial, and the tallest tower can now be seen for miles.



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It's a very nice building. I've watched Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, which shows construction and I personally can't wait to see how it looks when it's completed.


Agreed. Other than actually buliding a replica of the oringal WTC, this was the best choice and looks like a beauty. Still it's a shame that this new towers could not had been ready for the 10th annivesary or at least close to finish by now.:(

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