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My Busy Trip w/ NY Class Rally Against Horse and LIB People:s Hearing 8/31 Trip

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I had $17, 50 cent for internet paper at Hewlett-Woodmere Library.

Wednesday, August 31st was my very busy day. First I wear my NY Class T-Shirt, and Put Rider Rebellion long shirt inside my bag.

I got on Q72 LaGuardia Airport #3625 departed Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 7:33, arrived Delta Terminal Building 7:51.

When I was talking with Hertz about new bus, I saw Airport Shuttle leave first. At moment, when I got on airport shuttle bus, M60 pulled over, so I hurried and boarded M60 Morningside Heights #3880 departed 7:53, arrived Broadway/120th St p 8:43.


Next, I boarded M104 Times Sq #5023 departed 8:55, arrived Broadway/110th St @ 8:58.


Next, I boarded M4 Penn Station Limited #6758 departed 9:07, arrived 5th Av/84th St @ 9:24.


Next, I made quick stop at Metropolitan Museum of Art`s Petrie Court Cafe to have quick cup of Coke.


Next, I boarded M79 Yorkville #XXXX departed 79th St/5th Av @ 9:59, arrived 79th St/2nd Av @ 10:03.


I was lucky enough and Fare Inspectors were at 2nd Av/79th St, got POP Receipt, and boarded M15 South Ferry SBS #1242 departed 10:05, only few people confuse at 49th, 42nd Sts, then arrived Madison St/Catherine St @ 10:52.

I darted to East Broadway/Catherine St but no show of either M22 or M9, so I spotted M103 at Bowery, so I boarded M103 City Hall #XXX departed Park Row/Worth St @ 10:56, arrived Park Row/Beekman St @ 11:03.

I was looking for entrance to City Hall because I was attending RALLY AGAINST HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE INDUSTRY.


I went inside City Hall Park and I asked NYPD where is entrance, these OFFICERS WERE SO RUDE, and they didn`t even reply back or IGNORING ME, so I had to enter from Broadway entrance.

There was NY1, NY Times covering this rally, well as Community Boards who support NY Class (My Class).


At 11:56, it finish early and I went out to Park Row exit and waited between Spruce and Beekman Sts.


I boarded M9 VA Hospital #6733 departed 12:01.

As I was organizing my M15 SBS Brochure between me and fare inspectors, one of Chinese lady ask me for that copy, and I told her I have Chinese copy, so I gave her Chinese copy also.

Arrived East Broadway/Catherine St @ 12:05.

I dash through crowded Catherine St to Madison St/Catherine St, got POP Receipt and boarded M15 East Harlem SBS #1267 departed 12:07.

At Allen St/Grand St, B/O didn`t stop on time as one passenger mistakenly paid on farebox, and he properly had to wait for local bus after he couldn`t paid on the machine.

At 1st Av/35th St, one confuse.

Arrived 1st Av/80th St @ 12:47.


Next, M79 West Side was packed, so M79 West Side #5599 came and departed 79th St/1st Av @ 12:48, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 12:57.

My friend at Hot Dog vendor gave me Snapple Iced Tea.

I went quickly to get lunch to go, which was Cheeseburger and French Fries, Nesquick Chocolate Milk, and Spirited Soda, and I had two bottles of H20 on both side of my backpack.


After that, I did not see M79 at 79th St/5th Av, so I took M2 East Village LTD #6374 departed 5th Av/79th St @ 13:25, arrived 5th Av/42nd St @ 13:45, said hello to usual dispatcher.


Next, I boarded M4 Penn Station #3964 departed 5th Av/41st St @ 13:47, arrived 32nd St/7th Av @ 13:55.


First I bough OP Ticket Penn Station to Hewlett. TVM always have problem with new bills.


I tried another machine across Starbuck, but not good.

I went to Starbuck to exchange $5 bill to bucks.


Just then, machine ate my 2 set of Dollar Coins, and I cough up extra $2 to get OP Mineola-Woodside ticket.


Due to Hurricane Irene recoverly, 14:29 Mineola Train became 14:29 Hicksville Train departed Penn Station at 14:32, 3 minutes late.

Use restroom at 2nd car, went back and said thank you to man who was watching my bag.

Suppose to arrive Jamaica at 14:50, but arrived 6 minutes late at 14:56 at Track 5.


When we were at Track 6 for 14:58 Far Rockaway track change to Track #5, so we rush back to Track 5.

We boarded 14:35 Far Rockaway #7290 arrived Track #5 @ 15:01, three minute lates and depart 1 minutes late at 15:02.

Suppose arrived Hewlett at 15:18, arrived late @ 15:24, six minutes late.


I even give flier to N32 Rider at Broadway/Franklin Av, as I headed for Hewlett-Woodmere Library.

I went with Diana Brewster again and maybe she might go to public hearing.

I made more copies there and I waited for N32 Far Rockaway, but when I look at schedule of N32, N33, N15, I couldn`t make it to public hearing, so I cross the busy Broadway when westbound car was turning left onto Trinity Pl.


To my surprise, my container got broke, and French Fries spilled out in bag, so I threw on street (b/c there was no trash can). I also left my backpack and rush to trash can at library entrance to threw French fries in containers, then darted back to bus stop.


Next, I boarded 16:00 N32 Hempstead 1548 arrived/left Broadway/Trinity Pl on time at 16:23, made announcement about People`s hearing, handed out flier who were interested.

Arrived Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center @ 17:03, seven minutes late from 16:58. This B/O were planning to go, too.

While I wait for 16:56 N16 Roosevelt Field, I made announcement about public hearing, even when N40/N41 Mineola showed up, I handed out to people who were interested.

I was planning to get off at Nassau Community College to get more student to come since I didn`t want to get to meeting too early.

When I was organizing my flier, I didn`t not notice my cell phone fall from camera bag, until one of rider with cane told me and I said, Thank you and got my cell phone. If I lose it, I will get trouble with my mom.

I notice one of Mitchel Field Depot bus had code break as N79 Plainview.

Next, I6:55 N35 Westbury via Nassau Community College suppose to arrive Hempstead show up @ 17:22, but show up four minutes late at 17:26, then 16:56 N16 Roosevelt Field Mall came behind it.

I boarded 16:56 N16 Roosevelt Field #1639 departed Hempstead Transit Center on time at 17:27.

When I press for Endo Blvd, no one was there, so I stayed on. I made announcement onboard the bus.

Arrived Roosevelt Field Mall @ 17:54 on time.


I made announcement at Rooseelt Field Mall bus stop, and some folks took fliers.

Even janitor at Roosevelt Field Mall were smiling at me.


Next, 18:02 N24 Jamaica suppose to arrived 18:10, 18:12 but it was crowded, 17:36 N22 Jamaica arrived Roosevelt Field Mall followed which was suppose to show up at 18:03, came late at 18:13.


I boarded 17:36 N22 Jamaica #1791 departed Roosevelt Field Mall @ 18:13.

I made announcement about public hearing and many folks who were interest took flier.

B/O was smiling at me as I made announcement.

Arrived Mineola Intermodal Transit Center @ 18:27, suppose to arrived 18:14,, 13 minutes late.


I made announcement, and thanks to Transit Center, my voice echo through wall, and some riders who were interested took flier.

Few of people with paper transfer will not make it.

One of LIB Rider, stranger who wanted to go to that meeting ask dispatcher and I told him I`m going to meeting, and following Google Map I printed, we made to public hearing.

He said thank you to me, and there was TWU Local #252 President (maybe John Pine can correct me.


Nassau County Excecutive Edward P. Magano, MTA (excluding LIB/TWU Local 252), PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker or Veolia Transit Preisdent Did Not Come to This Meeting.

Only Nassau County Legislators from many districts, New York State Assemby and Nassau County Controller (Correct me) were here, along with Long Island Jobs with Justice, Long Island Progressive Coalitions, New York Communities for Change, Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

Even one member from Straphangers Campaign showed up at this meeting!!

I met with PinePower again as I was eating my dinner, provided at meeting.

Speaking was only 2 minutes each.


Since Nassau County is not good place at night, after meeting adjourned, 20:30, I followed PinePower to Mineola since he was going same way.

I followed him, across parking lot to transit center/train station and said good night to him. I was still holding my sandwitch on my clipboard as I followed PinePower.

I call my mom to tell I be home late.

I got on 21:01 Jamaica Pt. Jefferson Branch #4008 which was first stop, and only had three BiLevel and I went on top level and departed on time, arrived Jamaica @ 21:14, arrive 1 minute early from 21:15.


Next, I got on 20:48 Long Beach Branch #7085 to Penn Station suppose to arrived 21:22, show up at 21:23, one minute late and departed 21:24.


When one of conductor saw my lunch with my ticket, he told me, `I not Hungry`, and he corrected himself, `Oh, you was giving your ticket.`

When he saw sign NO FARE HIKE/SERVICE CUT on LI BUS paper I got from LI Jobs with Justice, conductor agreed and he said lots of LIRR riders take LIB.

Supposed to arrive at 21:31, arrived late at 21:33, two minutes.

I finish half of my sandwich as I waited until train left, then went upstair to subway station.

I hold my rest of sandwich in my teeth as I threw plate away.

I boarded front car of Flushing-bound <7> Expresss #1902 departed 61st St-Woodside 21:47, arrived Junction Blvd @ 21:51.


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