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My Ficition- Photography Police (Rescues Photographers)- Based on Photography Is Not Crime

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Photography Police is international organization catching employees, police officers, security guards harassing Photographers. This police rescues Photographers.

Case #1: Tourist Photographer Vs. Nassau County Police

Photography Police Officers were undercover as shopper, employee..

Sakura Matsui, who was Japanese tourist visiting Garden City. She also likes to take photograph and she does not speak English well.

She found herself at inside Roosevelt Field Mall.

At few moment, male security guard named Alex Jamestone came to ask her.

Alex: Excuse me, what are you doing?

Sakura: Eigo wa wakarimasen. (I don`t speak English)

Security guard her hard time.

Just then, two Nassau County police officers joined. Mike and Alex Johnson.

Mike: Excuse me, why are you taking picture?

Sakura: Eigo ga wakarimasen!! (I don`t speak English!!)

John took her digital camera and they look through photos.

Sakura: Kamera kaieshitte!! (Give back my camera!!)

Mike and John looks through photo and first they saw Japanese trains, stores, parks. Finally they spotted NY, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Federal Hall Memorial, scenic, tour buses, city buses, taxis, cars, food.

They thought everything were private property.

Mike: She truly doesn’t understand English.

John: She is also tourist.

Mike: This is big problem.

John: I cannot delete her photos until I asked her question.

Mike: Delete photos anyway.

As John tried to press Delete button, woman scream.

Sakura: Kaese and shashin wo kesuna!! (Give my camera back and don`t delete my photos!!)

Then MIke handcuffed her.

Mike: You’re under arrest for taking pictures of bus depot and federal properly. You have to remain silent.

Sakura: Kaese!! Eigo WA WAKARIMASEN!!

Just then, Photography Police Officer Kwai Ying Lam and Yuki Endo came.


Alex, Mike and John turned around startled

Kwai and Yuki show their ID to police.

Kwai/Yuki: We’re international Photo Police, special unit.



John/Mike: She’s taking picture of depot.

Kwai: Sorry to tell, you cannot delete her photos.

Yuki: Yes. She is tourist and you should gave her break

Kwai: Also, it`s first amendentant right to take picture outside bus depot or building from sidewalk.

Other shoppers at Roosevelt Field Mall join Photographer Police.

Shopper #1 (Female): This police officer i right.

Shopper #2 (Teenager Girl): You need to give tourist break.

Shopper #3 (Little Boy): You have NO RIGHT TO DELETE HER PHOTOS!!

Shopper #4 (Little GIrl): We`ll boycot this mall and Nassau County Police if you don`t gave her break!

Other shoppers and diners agreed, including employees.


Kwai and Yuki wrote ticket to both Alex, John and Mike trying to harrased tourist`s camera and they left.

Kwai: Sakura-san, Anata no kamera wa daijou desu. (Sakura, your camera is fine.)

Yuki: Kankou ryoukou no shashin keseratte imasen. (Your sightseeing tour trips photos aren`t deleted.)

Sakura: Doumo arigato gozaimasu. (Thank you very much.)

Meanwhile at Nassau County Police Headquarters, John and Mike had trouble with boss and they got suspended.


Enjoy the story!! Photographers

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