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How many different subways had stops at the WTC site pre-9/11?


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Basically your question is whether the (W) was around then as since you're picking on the Fulton St station, formerly Bway-Nassau have to include the (2)(3)(J)(Z)(M). Basically, the only trunk that didn't stop there was the 6Av and Crosstown (for those nitpickers, the shuttle services I do not call them trunks). Simple research would solve the (W) question though.

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The question is about the WTC site, and there are only 3 stations that actually served the World Trade Center directly. Cortlandt Street (1)(9), Cortlandt Street (N)(R), and World Trade Center (E). (The 1/9 station is under the site itself, while the E and N/R stations are along the eastern boundary under Church Street/Trinity Place.)


You could probably count the (A)(C)(2)(3) as serving the site as well. Their platforms at Chambers St/Park Pl are about a block away, but of course have the free transfer to the E. The (4)(5) station at Fulton Street is also only a block away from the site, but anything else at the Fulton/Broadway-Nassau complex is really too far away to count.


The (6) has not served any of the stations that far south since the '80s.


The (W) did not serve Cortlandt Street until the Manhattan Bridge construction was complete in 2005, and the N and W switched roles, with the N running express and the W local to Whitehall.

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