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East Side Bus Routes


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I'm just curious why they have a few bus routes running practically the full length on each Avenue on the East Side except for 1st/2nd Avenues which only have the M15. It's a good thing that they only have one bus route though because it was easy to implement Select Bus Service on it.


Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue have the M1, M2, M3, and M4.

3rd Avenue and Lexington Avenue have the M101, M102, M103 (and had the M98)

1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue only have the M15

York Avenue has the M31 (and had the X90 and X92)


The M15 headways are about the same as the combined headways for all the routes on the other avenues though.


Just something I've been curious about for a while.

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Fair question....

I'd chalk it up to geography, and redundancy....



To elaborate....


If the M15 (which runs on 1st & 2nd av's - roads whose northern-most points are in the mid-to-upper 120's) were to have a supplementary route, where else can you send it westward and/or northward, that isn't already served by the 5th/Madison or the 3rd/Lex routes.....

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