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Prevost Car News & Current Events

East New York

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Prevost’s Ultimate Commuter Coach Hits the Market




Prevost introduces the X3-45 Commuter Coach, designed from the Prevost platform known for durability, reliability, and lifetime value. The X3-45 coaches are constructed to be used in a demanding commuter application which requires reliable vehicle performance, and the coach has been 12-Year Structural Integrity Tested. Developed with a focus on transit operation concerns such as passenger safety, accessibility, low operation costs and ease of maintenance, the X3-45 Commuter features the most reliable structure in the industry which creates a smooth, comfortable ride along with excellent driving stability.


Keeping passengers safe is a priority and Prevost has packed the X3-45 Commuter Coach with many options that are designed to make these coaches the safest on the road. The Prevost Electronic Stability Program is the first system with rollover and under/over-steer protection and electronically compensates for quick reactions in adverse conditions. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System has an integrated dashboard display with real time information that helps the driver monitor tire temperature and pressure and also helps to detect inner drive tire failures. In addition, the Prevost Fire Suppression System uses a linear thermal detector and an optical infrared to monitor the engine compartment and auxiliary heater and provides audible and visual warnings to the driver in case of an incident. With a unique vertical installation of the SCR and DPF systems, the X3-45 Commuter produces less heat in the engine compartment and reduces exhaust peak temperature at the rear of the coach. Of course, every Prevost X3-45 includes three-point seat belts on a 20G rated welded rail system for an exceptionally secure passenger environment.


The Prevost Difference is evident in every vehicle we build, and speaks to more than eight decades of industry leadership, and to our uncompromising passion for excellence.





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Don't like the idea of that stability ish. I don't want be in a situation where I don't know who's in control; me or the computer. We are relying on computers way too much. Maybe good for some, but not for me. Just another thing to raise the price on these high priced buses. :tdown:

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Don't like the idea of that stability ish. I don't want be in a situation where I don't know who's in control; me or the computer. We are relying on computers way too much. Maybe good for some, but not for me. Just another thing to raise the price on these high priced buses. :tdown:


Stability control has been standard on most all cars and trucks for some time now. It's a safety feature that prevents roll overs. The Op is still in total control of the bus. Why should a standard safety feature that saves lives be excluded from buses? It's Omg overdue if you ask me. Volvo is known worldwide for safety. Compared to the MCI and Van Hool coaches, the Prevost packs a whole lot of bang for your buck.


No surprise Obama's new super decked-out bus is an X3-45. That says a hell of a lot right there. MCI is still the Queen of the road, but the Prevost just might be the King now! I've been on 2011 series buses from both companies. The Greyhound buses I was on were spec'd the exact same with the exception of the engines. They are neck to neck right now if you as me.


One of the reasons I took this bus trip was to ride both the bus models long distance. I did about 6 hours on the D4500CT, and 4.5 hours on the X3-45. I really like both of them, but the Prevost stood out a bit for some reason. Either that or the fact that I have only been on about 7 different Prevost buses and about 700 MCI's in my lifetime.




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Lol Obama a G wit that blacked out prevost. I'm just an hardcore mci guy. Not to big on prevost.


I'm the same way. Been on a thousand of them and it never gets old. TMC all day!


But I just love that Prey-Vo swagg! And its a damn good bus.


Can you see Air Force One in the reflection on the second pic? #EPIC

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Prevost Opens New Service Center in Alberta and Expands Service Team



Sainte-Claire, QC, February 5, 2011 – Prevost has opened a new Service Center in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. The Prevost Alberta Service Center is approximately 10,000 sq. ft. and has 4 service bays to serve customers in Alberta. Prevost Service Center personnel are certified for bumper-to-bumper maintenance and repair for all Prevost, Volvo and Nova Bus vehicles, including engine and transmission. In addition, they can perform repairs on any brand motorcoach. Services offered include Collision Repair, Electronic and HVAC Repairs, Frame Straightening, Mechanical Repair, Paint and Graphics, Refurbishing Programs, Fire Restoration and Refinishing. The service center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Branch Manager of the new facility is Christopher Murgatroyd.




292 MacDonald Crescent


Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 4B6


Tel.: 780-792-9526


Fax: 780-743-0983


Branch Manager: Christopher Murgatroyd


Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm




Other Prevost Service Centers are located in Quebec City, QC; South Plainfield, NJ; Goodlettsville, TN; Jacksonville, FL; Dallas, TX; Mira Loma, CA; and Delta, BC.



Mobile Maintenance and Repair Service




Prevost once again proves their commitment to their customers, off*ering a new mobile maintenance and repair service for motorcoach operators. The Prevost service vehicles, located in California and Quebec, provide emergency roadside service or scheduled maintenance or repairs at a customer’s location, delivering high quality Prevost service away from the Prevost Service Centers. Prevost now literally “goes the extra mile” for its customers. For more information, please contact your Prevost Regional Service Manager.






Regional Service Manager Dedicated to Service Providers




Also, Prevost has also added a Regional Service Manager who is dedicated to Prevost Service Providers. Tom Munds will focus on serving the more than 140 Prevost trained and Prevost certified service providers across North America.




About Prevost


Prevost is a leading manufacturer of premium intercity touring coaches and the world leader in the production of conversion coaches for high-end motorhome and specialty conversion. As part of the Volvo Group, it has access to the financial strength, research capability, and manufacturing expertise of the group. The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines. Prevost has its main manufacturing facilities in Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Canada and has eight Parts and Service Centers located in the United States and Canada. Welcome to the world of Prevost




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Prevost Joins Family of Official NASCAR® Partners
March 12, 2013



Company signs multi-year deal to become the Official Luxury Motorcoach of NASCAR

Sainte-Claire, QC (March 11th, 2013) — Prevost and NASCAR announced today a new multi-year partnership that designates the Sainte-Claire, Quebec-based company, the leading manufacturer of premium touring and conversion coaches, as the Official Luxury Motorcoach of NASCAR.  In doing so, Prevost reinforces its nearly 30-year association with the #1 spectator sport in the United States, and increases its visibility with an influential and vibrant cross-section of American business.

“This partnership between Prevost and NASCAR is a natural fit for two thriving brands that share an unrelenting commitment to innovation,” said Gaetan Bolduc, Prevost President and CEO.  “Prevost motorcoaches are fixtures at NASCAR events, populating driver, team owner, and NASCAR officials’ parking lots.  Prevost hospitality, executive, and technical support coaches serve as mobile work stations for manufacturers and sponsors.”

With 38 race weekends and an average race-day attendance of more than 100,000 fans at NASCAR Sprint Cup events, many thousands of fans experience NASCAR via tour and charter bus groups annually.   

“Many Prevost operators gain valuable business from the transportation needs of racing events. Prevost passenger coaches, the industry’s premium seated coaches, transport great numbers of fans to NASCAR races each weekend.” said Robert Goodnight, Prevost Vice-President of New Coach Sales.

Prevost’s involvement with NASCAR began in the 1980s as Featherlite Coaches and Marathon Coach led the way in providing trackside offices and living quarters for competitors, sponsors, suppliers and families who made the racetrack their home throughout the race season.

Able to easily withstand the rigorous demands of a 10-month long NASCAR season, Prevost and its converter partners produce the highest quality custom motorcoaches with the deluxe amenities of a five-star hotel.  Each race weekend, whether as a motorhome or as an executive coach, Prevost motorcoaches play an integral role in the transportation and staging of high-quality NASCAR events across the country.

“Prevost’s state-of-the-art motorcoaches provide a home-away-from-home for our drivers, team owners, partners, and fans throughout the course of our demanding season,” said NASCAR Chief Sales Officer Jim O’Connell. “Our three national series provide a grand stage for Prevost to showcase its luxury motorcoaches to a substantial number of brands and consumers at the track who may consider purchasing or leasing a product or vehicle.”

NASCAR will utilize Prevost’s state-of-the-art luxury motorcoaches this year for at-track hospitality through the NASCAR Fuel for Hospitality® program.  The NASCAR Fuel for Hospitality program was specifically designed for Official NASCAR Partners to provide employees and customers with a VIP race-day experience at the track.  In addition, Prevost will also be joining the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council® to buy and sell directly with top Fortune 500 companies.

“It’s a great honor to continue serving the NASCAR community as a preferred motorcoach of NASCAR officials, team owners, drivers, manufacturers, and sponsors,” said Steve Zeigler, Prevost Director of Conversion Coach Business Development.

“Prevost and our converter partners are proud to have NASCAR’s stamp of approval.  And through this exclusive partnership, it will be our pleasure to continue showcasing our best-in-class coaches in such an iconic and American sports environment.”


Prevost’s parent company is The Volvo Group and its U.S.-based office is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.



Prevost opens new Service Center in Houston
February 25, 2013


Sainte-Claire, QC, February 25, 2013 – Prevost has opened a new Service Center in Houston, Texas. The Houston facility is a new construction building providing 5400 sq. ft., including a service area with two drive-through bays. The service center is staffed with Prevost technicians who are certified for bumper-to-bumper maintenance and repair for all Nova Bus vehicles, and Prevost and Volvo Bus coaches, including Volvo engine and transmission. The facility is equipped with a controlled access fence, operational after hours, monitored by a security patrol and a video surveillance camera. The Houston Service Center is equipped with electrical hookups and is open Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Carl Boulet is the branch manager of the new service center and Theodore Bruning is the service manager.

Prevost Service Center

10155 Windfern Road

Houston, TX 77064

(713) 849-8562

The Houston Service Center expands the Prevost Service Network, the most extensive service network in the industry. Other Prevost Service Centers are in South Plainfield, New Jersey; Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Mira Loma, California; Delta, British Columbia; Fort McMurray, Alberta; and Quebec City, Quebec.



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A second service centre in Texas? Business must be good in the area.

Well now that you mention it, Houston Metro is receiving some Nova's. Still though, most business is in personal use coaches rather than transit coaches.


Having had some experience with their center in Jurupa Valley (Mira Loma), rarely do transit coaches get serviced there, though likely that is to blame on the lack of Nova's in service on the West Coast.

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