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Montclair Transit Center (LA Metro Area)


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Montclair is a city pretty much half way between Downtown LA and San Bernardino. It's transit hub serves as a major transit center and Metrolink Commuter Train Station.


Pics of Foothill Transit's NABI 42-BRT(Basically NABI's famous 60-BRT in standard length)

These babies run on Silver Streak BRT line during weekends in-place of 60-BRTs which run during the week, and also run on the horribly long Route 187, which I believe is 95% 42-BRT(I always see one 1 40-LFW and 1 Gillig when I ride the entire of length of the route, the rest are all 42-BRTs) I also sometimes see these on a few other routes.








Foothill Transit NABI 40-LFW




Some pics of Omnitrans C40LFs(San Bernardino's bus system)



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Those BRT NABI's are so goofy looking to me. IIRC, the only NABI's I've ever been on are LACMTA's. And that was ages ago!


The LA Metro Area is filled with NABI's because of California's emissions standards. The other manufacturers are too f-cking slow to get out their CNG models, NABI practically has Monopoly on Cali right now. Besides Long Beach Transit's D60LFs, the NABI 60 BRTs are the ONLY artics being purchased in So Cal.


LACMTA is purchasing nothing but NABIs, with 400 60 BRTs, 500 Metro 45C Compobuses(The Compos are actually well built buses, I welcome them), 6 42 BRTs, and the nearly 1,000 or so 40-LFWs it already has.


Big Blue Bus just purchased 16 60-BRTs and a number of 2011 40-LFWs of for their Rapid/express lines. Then of course foothill transit's 40 or so 42-BRTs and 30 60-BRTs. Allot of the more smaller munis seem to be only ones buying New Flyer. Anything new from Orion or NovaBus? Forget it in So Cal.


EDIT: There is ONE smaller agency called Thousand Oaks transit than runs a few 35 foot O7 3Gs.

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LA also has a bid opening for 700 CNG buses about to be placed,they asked NABI if they could manufacture a 40' composite LFW (like Big Blue 40LFW only composite). If not for the ridiculous contract stipulations that the MTA requires NABI would be here also. They believe it costs too much to do business with NY (can't argue), I actually drove a Compobus while my son was in college in Arizona and why that bus is not in NY is a mystery to me. Interesting that the smaller cities that went with New Flyer went with the Gas/Electric hybrid as opposed to Diesel/electric.

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