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My Sept 13th Adventure Bee-Line & SBS Inspector- Bx12 Fare Inspector Showed Up


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I got on front car of Times Car-bound (7) EXP #1656 departed Junction Blvd @ 9:21, arrived Queeensboro Plaza @ 9:31.

When conductor on <7> express made excellent announcement when Coney Island-bound (N) approach at same time:

Queensboro Plaza! Looks like we`re approaching directly to Manhattan-bound (N) train!


I got on front of Coney Island-bound (N) #8978 departed 9:32, arrived Lex Av-59th St @ 9:37.


Next, I got on front car of Woodlawn-bound (4) #1106 perfectly and departed 9:39. Arrived Bedford Park Blvd-Lehman College @ 10:08.


At 10:12, 10:15 W20 White Plains via Cross County Shopping Center #532 came prepare as he open his front door and pulled into first stop at Bedford Park Blvd/Jerome Av, left 2 minutes early at 10:13. It got EXTREME OVERCROWDED almost twice of overcrowd on Bx12 SBS or N20 bus.

As he pulled into bus stop, he open the door, so people get ready to get off,then pulll out after. I got new schedule of #4.

Near White Plains, there was one lady J-crossing busy Rt. 100 to catch this bus, and nice motorist let her cross to catch this bus.

Arrives Central Park/Harding Avs @ 11:11.


I went to Westchester County Center, but there was no new design for bus schedule. I got other schedules.

I hiked up to White Plains Station to see if they have bus schedule, no luck.

When I went to deli inside White Plains TransCenter, guess what they had?

few Suffollk County Transit, Hampton Jitney, Long Island Railroad and N48/N49, NJT #171 bus schedules. I was like HOW THAT SCHEDULES ENDED UP IN WHITE PLAINS, so I took them b/c it doesn`t belong there.

From few buses pulling in, I got new schedule of #5, and I got 2 new Bee-Line Bus maps from two different buses. In deli, most of schedules were not new one.

Bew Bee-Line bus map is like clean, organize and perfectly look like MTA-stylish map and went to Greyhound Waiting room and got Trailway schedule.


I went back to White Plains Station and bought one way ticket from Port Chester to Rye Station because I wanted to try out M8 cars.


Then using Morris St passegeway, which was still in TERRIBLE CONDITION, which could win Greg Mocker`s Ugliest Subway Contest and back to White PlainsTransCenter.


Next, I boarded 11:38 W13B Port Chester #611 suppose to arrive 12:39, show up 2 minutes early at 12:37, and left soon as everyone got on and which was female B/O. When she ask my name, she remembers me and her name was Elizabeth and arrived Port Chester Station on time at 13:05.


I got on front car of 13:03 New Haven Line #8461 suppose to arrive 13:16, departed at 13:17, and arrive on time at 13:33.


Next, I got on 13:20 W45 #532 suppose to arrive New Rochelle Transit Center @ 13:40, arrive and left 2 minutes late at 13:42 and arrived on time to Pelham Bay Park @ 13:42.


I went to check Bx23 and Q50 and it were MTA Bus Guide-A-Ride for Bx23/Q50!!


After that, I cross to Bx12 SBS stop, got POP receipt and boarded Inwood-bound Bx12SBS #1215 departed 14:17.

Somewhere, wheelchair came onboard and he got off at Fordham Plaza. I had to get off the bus, so he could exit the crowded bus.

When bus approached Fordham Rd/Jerome Av, GUESS WHAT? ABOUT 6 FARE INSPECTORS SHOWED UP:tup: and arrived 13:47.

Guess what was reaction when they saw the inspectors.

I waited to see how many people, and I counted 3 people got kick off the bus.

When I went to Fordham Rd station and just missed Utica-bound (4), so I went to center of platform and estimated about 10 passengers properly got summons.


Next, I got on front car of Utica-bound (4) #7086 departed Fordham Rd @ 14:55, arrived 125th St @ 14:57.


I fight through crowd to street level to 125th St/Lex Av and got perfect time with East Harlem-bound M100 #4380 departed 15:18, arrived 2nd Av/126th St @ 15:21.


Next, I got POP receipt from 126th St Depot, tie my shoes using brick foundation holding security booth and got on South Ferry-bound M15 SBS #1274 departed 15:33.

Most fare inspectors who knows me showed up at 106th St today and look like no one got kick off the bus and he didn`t even recognized I had Bx12 SBS receipt side by side to M15 SBS.

After 88th St, FDNY Ambulance was responsing to 911 call were right behind bus and ambulance escorted us all the way to 2nd Av/79th St and about in 5 minutes in construction zone!!

Arried 2nd Av/79th St @ 15:48.


Next, I got on overcrowded Riverside-bound M79 #5362 departed 10:53.

When one passenger asked why this bus was crowded and B/O replied, ONE BUS IS MISSING.


Since he was full house, he pulled half way before 5th Av,because he didn@t want to pickup huge crowd of passengers waiting for bus andarrived 79th St/5th Av @ 16:03.


I rush to museum to have lunch. I couldn`t finish all, so I put my leftover and put in my backpack and walk up on rightside of street on 5th Av and made to Yorkville-bound M86 #5369 departed 84th St/5th Av @ 16:38, arrived 86th St/3rd Av @ 16:48.


Next, I got on Ft.George-bound M101 LTD #5553 departed 3rd Av/86th St @ 16:49, arrived 3rd Av/97th St @ 16:52.


I fast walk to health organic store to do my mom`s errand.

After that, I dash to 96th St/3rd Av and got on West End Av-bound M96 #6401 departed 17:03, arrived Central Park West/97th St @ 17:15.

Next, I got on Columbus Circle-bound M10 #6643 departed 17:19, arrived Columbus Circle/8th Av @ 17:42. Did not catch up with B/O friend, after M104, M20, M5, M7 came, I boarded 14th St-bound M7 #6371 departed 17:59, arrived 7th Av/58th St @ 18:02.


Next, I got on front car of Coney Island-bound (Q) #8852 departed 57th St-7th Av @ 18;04, arrived 14th St-Union Square @ 18:13.


Next, I got on Bay Ridge-bound (R) #5717departed 18::13, arrived Canal St @ 18:18, which I made bad choice again, trying to catch B/O friend.


I got on South Ferry-bound M5 #6626 departed Broadway/Lisparnld St @ 18:29, arrived State St/Bridge St @ 18:44.

While I wait for M5, South Fery M15 SBS machines were out of service.


Next, I got on Washington Heights-bound M5 #6626 departed 18:55. While waited at red light at Ground Zero, he took pic of Freedom Tower.

female Wheelchair with female personal assistance got on at Church St/Chambers St and she was going on Q32, so she told B/O either.

This wheelchair lady was facing opposite direction of bus.

My friend missed one of passenger waiting for M5.

When he arrived at 6th Av/32nd St, I help him and told wheelchair lady Q32.

He lift up other side facing seat, so wheelchair lady can turn around easily with her assistant, and he gave them transfer for Q32 bus. They told them thank you, and he helped this passenger get off the bus, because this folks had little hard time with ramp.

When it arrived at 6th Av/14th St, another Manhattanville B/O recognized me, but he waited for M5 Limited.

Arrived 6th Av/57th St @ 19:44.


After Apple Store to use internet.

Around 21:00, I call my mom and I will be late by taking (R)(E)(7).

Around 21:30, I exit Apple Store.

As I enter 5th Av/59th St, some stranger was try to give away left over 7-Day MetroCard.that expires on Thursday, but at moment I heard the train, and my lucky. I got on front car of Forest Hill-bound (R) #5814 departed 21;37, arrived Queens Plaza @ 21:44, perfect timing with front car of Jamaica Center-bound (E) #9453 departed 21:45.

I told passengers about Jamaica Transit Town Hall Meetings for Wed night and I handed out fliers from Rider Rebellion.

Arrived Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av @ 21;52.


Next, I rush upstair to 74th St-Broadway and got on front car of Flushing-bound (7) local #1982 departed 21:55, arrived Junction Blvd @ 21:59.



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At 10:12, 10:15 W20 White Plains via Cross County Shopping Center #532 came prepare as he open his front door and pulled into first stop at Bedford Park Blvd/Jerome Av, left 2 minutes early at 10:13. It got EXTREME OVERCROWDED almost twice of overcrowd on Bx12 SBS or N20 bus.



Was the bus crowded arriving at White Plains, or did it most people get off at Yonkers Raceway and Cross County?

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