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subway map design (help!)


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Hey all!


My name is Rhona Nolan. I am a graphic design student from Ireland. My thesis is on subway map design and I would be ever so grateful if you guys could answer a few questions for me.


1. Do you find the New York subway map easy to follow?


2. Do you feel any other subway map you have used around the world is/was easier and better to use/follow/understand?


It would be great if you could help me out.


Thank you ;)

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following a nyc subway maps is so easy for me. some tourist had to ask me for help because they are not sure where their destinations is. But once i am out of the subway that where i can get lost because there are more views of geography to find.

other subway maps look easy as well because you just need color and icons along the way to identify the right route.

the only things that suck and get confusing is when train routes has to detours because they dont where the train routes get back on the right track. That where the confusion is when a tourist need to go somewhere.

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Agreed. I prefer our semi-geographical map. That's not the case with diagram maps. In a system as large as New York's, diagrammatic maps. Diagrammatic maps are good for knowing how many stops to go till you get to your next stop and what transfers, if any, are available at that stop.

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