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N.J. taxpayers picking up $420K to cover 'Jersey Shore' production costs


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TRENTON — New Jersey residents got their bar tab today from the cast of the hit television show the "Jersey Shore" — and it was a big one.


Taxpayers will be picking up to $420,000 of the production costs from the show’s inaugural 2009 season under a state film tax credit approved today by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.


The approval was part of the first round of film tax credits awarded by the EDA since Gov. Chris Christie suspended the program in 2010 to close budget deficit, and state officials said it was based on a set of strict guidelines that is blind to the show’s content.


But, news of the award drew sharp criticism from some the state’s biggest critics of the tax incentive program.


"I can’t believe we are paying for fake tanning for ‘Snooki’ and ‘The Situation’, and I am not even sure $420,000 covers that," said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth). "This is a great investment for the taxpayers, as if they can make a show called ‘Jersey Shore’ anywhere else."


Christie has made a number of headlines criticizing the uber-tanned, hair-gelled stars of the hit MTV show, saying they are poor representatives of New Jersey . His office reiterated those comments today.


"The Governor’s opinions about Jersey Shore and its New Yorker cast are well-known," said Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak. "They are phonies and the show is a false portrayal of New Jersey and our shore communities. He has also been clear about his belief that film tax credit programs are not the most effective way to spur economic growth throughout the State."


But Seaside Heights Mayor P. Kenneth Hershey said the state investment pays big local dividends, which is the goal of the tax credit.


"The boost to the economy certainly shows, when they are here this place is busy," said Hershey. "A lot of the business folks here appreciate that."


The summary of the show in the EDA application makes it sound almost clean-cut: "The film is about eight roommates. There is no screenplay. The roommates live in a house and are asked to work in a local establishment on the New Jersey Coast. The cameras capture the interaction among the roommates and how the roommates interact at work and at play in Seaside Heights."



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I'd be outraged too if I lived in dirty Jersey.


I always wondered about that... Somehow New Jersey is supposed to so "gorgeous" and Staten Island is supposed to be the armpit. Meanwhile Jersey was built mainly on swamp land, so what makes that place so damn great?? If it's money then okay, well many Staten Islanders have that too. We have the highest median income in NYC, so what gives?? :confused:

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Actually, it has. Seaside was not doing so well the last decade or so, and now because of the Jersey Shore show, it has brought a lot of attraction back to Seaside and many of NJ's beaches. NJ's beaches were always popular to residents of the state and outside of NJ, but these last few summers have been jam-packed status.


This tax credit is still a croc of shit. With all the money they make on that stupid show, that $420K is chump change to them.

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Which is why if Paramount ever had a feud with a cable provider and blocked all their channels like they did years ago against Time Warner, I'd be celebrating [non of my favorites includes their networks]. The only things Paramount/CBS I watch are maybe Comedy central [i think they own most of it] and CBS, but even then some of their programs I could watch online or rent the dvd of the seasons.

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This show is not entertaining at all....who the heck wants to watch some Guido’s getting drunk and punching each other out.....this show is like sssoooo stupid....this is what the future of our country has in store??.....poor us!!



who the hell calls themselves snookie.....barrrfff :tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:

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