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Subway Shuttles IRT Division A July to Sept 2011


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1 Loop shuttle


eff 09/03/2011


from stand on NB St Nich av farside 147 st,,St Nich to 193 street...turnaround at 193 st,,S T Nich av,,Broadway,,166 st ,,St Nich to stand farside 167 street



1 shuttle eff 09/03/2011


to 207 st IND A..from stqnd on SB Broadway far side Manhattan College Parkway stand near side 207 st,,,turnaround via L 204 st,,Vermjlyea avenue,,Academy st,,,,R Broadway to stand neareside 207street





2 Shuttlle

eff 08/01/2011


to 241 st,,from stand on Morris Pk,near side of e 180 st,,,Tremont av,,White Plns,,Nereid av,,Baychester av,,241 st,,to stand near side white Plns Road


to 180 street

from stand on 241 st,,Whte Plns rd,,Morris Pk to stand near side 180 st




5 route

eff 8/13/2011


to Dyre Av

from stand SB Morris Pk nearside 180 st,,Tremont ,,White Plns,,Morris Pk,,Willliamsbridge,,Allerton ,,Eastchestre rd,,Gun Hill,,Boston rd,,Baychestr ,,233 sr,,Dyre av to stand nearside Light street,



to 180 st,,\

from stand on Dyre av,,Boston rd,Gun Hill rd,,Eastchester Allerton..Williamsbridge rd,,Morris Pk av,to stand nearside of 180 st



6 Bus


eff 09/10.2011


to Southern Blvd, via Hugh Grant,,Westerchester av,,to stand nearside Simpson st


]to Hugh Grant circle via Westchesr av,Fox st,,163 st,,Southern Blv,,westchesr av,,,hugh grant to stand nearsde Metropol av:)







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