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Best Express


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<6> from Parkchester to 125 St. It's only awful if 1. the express train slows down after Brook Avenue; 2. the express train switches to the local track at 3 Av/138 St due to the 138 St bound train in the middle track; 3. I take the express train from 9:30A to 11AM since it's local from Parkchester to Hunts Point Ave. Other than that, it's definitely fast during rush hours. :cool:


<7> I only took it once, but other than being a fast ride, it was awesome to see the train zoom by 111 St on the express track.


(J) Same with the <7>, but it was only between Marcy Ave to Myrtle Ave.

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I love the (A) train from 145th Street to 59th Street, mainly because of the amount of stops it skips. I also like the (2) and (3) from 42nd Street to 96th Street. The Broadway express is also fast, despite having like two express sections. The Mets Super-Express (7) is quite fast once it leaves Willets Point. I haven't riden the Lexington Express in a very long time, but it's quite fast, too.

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Queens: (E) + (F) = Hella fun.


Brooklyn: (B)righton Express hands down.


Manhattan: The (4) and the (5) can give you a show outside of rush hours. I don't like going downtown from 14 Street to Brooklyn Bridge and 59 to 86 is too slow for such a long stretch of track, but the rest of the line T/O's are getting it in.


Bronx: <6> hands down. Longer and very scenic.


Honorable mentions: The 6th Avenue Express and the Broadway Express are fun, but were better with the older equipment (sorry R160 and R68 fans).

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The IRT Lines have the best express concepts. It's fun to be able to see the train whizzing by the stations on both sides while riding the train. The BMT/IND ones suck, because they block the other platform from view. So when you are sitting on an unlucky seat you won't be able to see the stations being bypassed. All you see is a black wall.

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(2)(3) b/w 14th Street and 96th Street

(4)(5) b/w 125th Street and 14th Street-Union Square

<5> b/w 3rd Avenue-149th Street and East 180th Street

<6> b/w Hunts Point Avenue and Parkchester-E. 177th Street

<7> b/w 61st Street-Woodside and Junction Boulevard

(E)(F) b/w Forest Hills-71st Avenue and Queens Plaza/21st Street-Queensbridge

(J)(Z) b/w Marcy Avenue and Myrtle Avenue-Broadway

(Q) b/w 34th Street-Herald Square and 14th Street-Union Square

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During non-rush hours 8th Avenue Express can be surprisingly fast in between 145th and West 4, combined with R32s...:tup:

The sight of both levels of 103rd Street never gets old.


6th Avenue Express seems pretty fast. To my disappointment the highest speed I saw was only 39 MPH.


Brighton Express, now I can't wait for it to came back.

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I must say the <7> since it's the only express among the ones I use that stand out among the rest. The (Q) is a frequent victim of scheduling and traffic along Broadway, and the (N) stalls too much along 4 Avenue. I've taken the (4)(5) more often along the east side and I'm quite impressed with it.

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My favorite express sections are.

  1. (Q) Broadway between 34-Canal Streets
  2. (A)(D) Central Park West between 145-59 Sts
  3. (2)(3) 7 Av/Bway Exp between 96-Chambers Sts
  4. (E)(F) Queens Blvd between 21 St or Queens Plaza -Continental Avs or Union Tpke
  5. (4)(5) Lex Av/Park Av South between 125 St-Brooklyn Bridge
  6. (J)(Z) between Myrtle-Marcy Avs
  7. (N) between Pacific-59 Sts
  8. <7> between Queensboro Plaza-Willets Point
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7th Av Exp (2)(3) 72nd to 42nd.

Lex Av Exp (4)(5) Both Directions btwn 125th and Brooklyn Bridge.

8th Av Exp (A) 59th to 42nd(IF the T/O comes in at least 43mph) also 34th to 14th is good.

(A) Hoyt to Nostrand(IF the T/O keeps that train on the post passing Franklin they'll fly in Nostrand at least 42) Manhattan bound Euclid to ENY really good run.

34th to W4th (:((D) of course

<4> Bronx Express 167th to Burnside timerless!

(D)(N) 36th to Atlantic-Pacific before the timers come

<6> in the Bronx!

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Best express runs in my opinion:


-(A)(D) NORTHBOUND from 59 to about 110th street when it starts getting slowed down

-<6> NORTHBOUND from Hunts Point to Parkchester...47MPH north of Morrison Ave on a good day

-(4)(5) NORTHBOUND from Brooklyn Bridge to north of 33rd St...enter 14th at close to 42 on a good day, up to 44 passing through 33rd on a good day

-(D)(N) between Pacific and 36th St. (non rush)

-(2)(3) NORTHBOUND from 42nd to 72nd

-<7> NORTHBOUND from 61st St. to Junction Blvd. (after passing through 74th St. it moves)

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