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Assistant train dispatcher

S/A Vee

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I will be taking the ATD exam in sept. Anyone know what to expect on the test. What should i be looking out for. Any information about the position will be appreciated.



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That test will be Mostly on RTO Current Bulletins. I took the last exam but T/O called me first. The exam is set up more for Conductors and Tower Operators to pass since we have to keep up to date with the RTO Bulletin board and they also practice the proceedures they talk about.


Train Operator Jones books off sick at 19:00 HRS and is scheduled to make a 19:32 A out of Lefferts to 207 St. Which of the follow T/O would you ask first.

A.Ask a T/O to do a Extra Trip

B. ABD the Interval

C. Send a T/O on WAA

D. Send a Road Quilifed Switchman down the road if available.


If you ask me it could be C OR D but don't remember the answer but it was on the Exam.

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