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Trip to MET, Pier 95, Bus Festival and Include #3758 Ride to Fang Wah Bus Station

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I got on front car of Times Sq-bound <7> Semiexpress #1716 departed Junction Blvd at 8:30, arrived Queensboro Plaza @ 8:54.

Total time on Subway: 24 minutes.


Next, I got on Q60 Midtown #4645 departed Queens Plaza North/27th St @ 9:05, arrived 60th St/2nd Av @ 9:09.

Total time on bus: 4 minutes.


Next, I got on M15 SBS East Harlem #1253 departed 1st Av/58th St @ 9:13, arrived 1st Av/80th St @ 9:19.

Total time on SBS: 6 minutes.


Next, I got on M79 West Side #5402 departed 79th St/1st Av @ 9:20, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 9:28.

Total time on bus: 8 minutes.


Even thought Dining Facilities were not open yet, my friend at Amercian Wing Cafe gave me lunch to go and I heard over to 79th St/5th Av after circling around museum in fast pace.


I got on M79 West Side #5582 departed 79th St/5th Av @ 10:59, arrived 81st St/Central Park West at 11:01.

Total time on bus: 2 minutes.


Next, I got on M10 Columbus Circle #6782 departed Central Park West/81st St @ 11:14, arrived Broadway/58th St @ 11:28.

Total time on bus: 14 minutes.


Next, I got on M57 72nd St Subway #3939 departed 57th St/Broadway @ 11:41, arrived 11th Av/57th St @ 11:45.

Total time on bus: 5 minutes.


I rush to Pier 95, and jay cross 56th St when West Side Highway traffic were on red light where I went to cheer "Kayah to Fight Against Disaster."

After that, I completely forgot about MS Tour and walk to 50th St/12th Av, 12th Av/48th St had sign post.

I turned left at 48th St where Horse-Carriage Drawn Stable near 11th Av.

These stables on both-side were in VERY BAD CONDITIONS which tiny windows where horses stay overnight.

Then I walk to 42nd St/11th Av and might seen undercover taxi.


I got on M42 United Nations #3905 departed 42nd St/11th Av @ 12:36, arrived 42nd St/2nd Av @ 12:59.

Total time on bus: 23 minutes.


I got on M15 SBS South Ferry #1258 departed 2nd Av/42nd St @ 13:03. Few people were STILL CONFUSE at 34th St. After 29th St, local stop at 26th St station was confuse when SBS passed by local stop.

After Catherine St Station, bus maded left onto Wagner Place to South Street southbound, stop at Fulton St for Seaport, then resume regular route at Maiden Lane, arrived South Ferry Station @ 13:48.

Total time on bus: 45 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Utica-bound (4) #1150 departed Bowling Green @ 13:57, arrived Borough Hall @ 14:01.

Total time on subway: 4 minutes.


Next, I went to Bus Festival to greet B/Os and one of B/O told me Vinny Mashbourne was here.

I met with transit buffs, including one of had sign FREE HUGS or should I call him FREE HUG Transit Buff Flashmob.

Then I lined up for Transit Museum because Vinny was on break at that time.

I walk around east side of Atlantic Antic Feast, where there were familiar vendor.s. One of Mercy Hospital vendor recognized me from the last year`s.

I even saw person from Franking Action (correct me) from October 1st`s Nuclear Protest, but not same people.

After I came back to Festival, I saw Vinny. At that time it was around 15:30ish, so I only could walk few blocks west of bus festival.

There was East River Ferry vendors and I signed up to scored pinball ball into one of cup, from few distance far, but I throw too fast and landed front of cup, but I got Cononut water. I got 20 schedules of ferries.

Around quarter to 17:00, it started to rain when I reach Vinny on #3758.

With Vinny, I boarded #3758 on bus line up to leave at 17:00. Departed Feast at 17:17, and #6259 (correct me) behind was taking so long time, Transit Museum officals moved barricade, stop pedestrian traffic as he started to back up his bus and swing to northbound Boerum Place.

He drop me off at Canal St/Bowery at Fang Wash Bus Station @ 17:36.

Total time spend on #3138. 36 minutes.


Next I cut across Pace University to Allen St/Hester St.

I got on M15 SBS South Ferry #1238 departed 17:45, she skip Fulton St station, arrived South Ferry Station @ 18:00.

Total time on SBS: 15 minutes.


Next, I got receipt, rush to restroom, then got on M15 SBS East Harlem #1244 departed 18:16, skipping Fulton St agan.

Lady with disable man on walker held up bus at Allen St/Grand St because she couldn`t find the coin slot, so female B/O told her to take chance with inspector.

At 1st Av/2nd St, since there was no inspector, he gave his ticket to them.

Few stops were still confuse.

Arrived 126th St Depot Station @ 19:18.

Total time on SBS: 62 minutes.

There were also two ladies with one of them wearing something Indian people covers up told me and B/O something funny, and she said, "She wanted to visit this bus." LOL!!

We got receipt at depot and they already went to 2nd Av/125th St stop, and dispatcher send me to next stop, where I met them again.


I got on M15 SbS #1244 South Ferry departed 2nd Av/125th St @ 19:27, still confuse at 106th St, 79th St, arrived 2nd Av/57th St @ 19:54.

Total time on SBS: 27 minutes.


Next, I got in RiOC Cabin North departed Midtown Station at 20:20, arrived Roosevelt Island Tram Station @ 12:24.

Total time on RIOC Tram: 4 minutes.


Next, I walk to Roosevelt Island Subway Station and got on Q102 Astoria #3608 departed @ 20:46.

After last stop on Roosevelt Island, I was only one onboard the bus.

Got off 41st Av/21st St @ 20:52.

Total time on bus: 6 mnutes.


Next, I went downstairs to 21st St-Queensbridge, which I got on front car of Jamaica Center-bound (E) #9567 via (F) departed 20:59, arrived Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av @ 21:07.

Total time on subway: 8 minutes.


Next, I went to help with Q47 for few minutes. Glendale showed up first, and after couple more buses, airport one showed up.

When Airport left, Glendale passenger were still confused with merged.

After that, I went upstairs to 74th St-Broadway which I got on front car of Flushing-bound (7) Local #2122 departed 21:33, arrived Junction Blvd @ 12:39.


Enjoy it!!

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