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Possible Jail time for driving a car with an expired registration in DC!

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In a city that hosts its fair share of murders and terror plots, Washington, D.C., police are cracking down on another threat to the nation's capital -- expired vehicle registrations.


To the frustration of forgetful drivers, Metropolitan Police Department officers are throwing people in jail for letting their tag renewals lapse. The practice provoked somewhat of a backlash last year after a local mother from Maryland was jailed for what in many places would be a routine traffic offense punishable by fine. But the department continues to reserve and exercise the right to throw drivers in the clink for missing the DMV deadline, no matter where they're from.


Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/05/tourists-beware-dc-cops-throw-drivers-in-jail-for-expired-tags-aaa-cries-foul/?test=latestnews#ixzz1ZyTp4rSU


With all the crime that goes on in the ghetto parts of town, this is what the DC police focuses on? Cuz we all know how much of a danger to society it is if the registration isnt up to date :)


Ive driven around for a week or two with an expired inspection sticker before cuz I just dont get a chance to get to the mechanic to get my car inspected, with all the crap going on with people stealing shit and killing people, this is what they like to focus on, stupid crap they can make a lot of money shaking down motorists about.

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