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Far Rock Depot

My SEPTA Streetcars re-visited

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so ive been designing equipment for fun since HS. My most recent project has been new streetcars for SEPTA. Im working on 2 types, one for the subway-surface and Girard Ave rts (10,11,13,34,36 and 15) and one for the Suburban routes (101 and 102)


Heres the first pic:




The articulated Low-floor on top i call "Soveriegn" Its width is the same as the DE k-cars and bi-directional. Its truck senter distances are just slightly longer than its current counterparts and cover the minimum turning radius.


The traditional-style car on the lower half i call "Renaissance". I chose its name because its a return to traditional cars, Like the PCCs and K-cars before it, but for the 21st century. A rear door wheelchair lift makes it ADA ready ( like the current PCC-IIs on the 15). Its dimensions are as the K-cars. Both of my designs include and updated SEPTA logo with the Ren sportyng and updated livery. IM also including its own "FIND"-like display in its interior.


its floor plan and side cross elevations are currently in the works and you can see its progress below:





these designs were first started on paper to scale and are shown here after drawing them on MS paint. I had to create a scale ruler using the pixels to begin the drawing. Ive also designed these with the RTS in mind. Its a modular design for ease of building, maintenence and repair.


What do you think? feedback welcomed!

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BTW< im starting a Norristown High Speed line (Rt100) car. Im basing it off the current N-5 cars. If any one knows its dimensions and possibly a pic of its trucks it would really help out a lot! Thanks!!

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