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Hi everyone, as my username suggests, I am a 67YO Englishman, originally from London, now living in Crewe, Co Cheshire. (158 miles from London Euston). I used to live in Woodford, Co Essex, next to what is now the Central Line of the London Underground (Surface)

I am a retired railwayman, my career covering train control and signalling.

I am a member of the London Underground Railway Society, and a member of "District Dave's Underground Forum". District Dave was a T/O Instructor at Upminster Depot, who, sadly passed away this year - however the site lives on.


I have come over to NYC four times now, the lat time in April 2007 for a 5 day stay, when it rained the whole time!

Obviously I cannot contribute much to the forum, being so far away,(unless it relates to LU) but I would appreciate the opportunity to ask the occasional question if I cannot find the answer from any other source. I have Peter Dougherty's excellent "Tracks of the NYC Subway" book (how I wish someone could produce a similar volume for LU!), which, fortunately can be shop purchased in London.

I do not know anybody in NYC so I hope to get to know some of you guys, even if it is through a keyboard and mouse.




Geoff. Midgley

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Welcome to the forums, Geoff Midgley! I also wish that there was a publication of the Tube like Peter Dougherty's book.

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