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(2)(5) Late night GO questions

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1. Do Any (5) trains on weekday evenings after 10:02pm out of Dyre keep going to Bowling Green until the GO service begins (at least one train would be needed to run get to E 180 St around midnight going to 241 St, plugging a gap in service), or do they still run the one way non OPTO Dyre Shuttle back to E 180 St?

Do the (2) and (5) start flipping at 11pm (or earlier southbound)?


2. Can anyone confirm if any (5) trains out of 241 St early weekday mornings 4-5am terminate at Bowling Green (Monday mornings), 125 St(Tuesday-Friday mornings), or E 180 St (4:55am last (5) trip out of 241 St before the GO ends)? On weekdays Tripplanner shows trains starting at 125 St after 5am going northbound until the first regular train gets there.


3. Tripplanner shows as gap in service at Bowling Green from 11:08pm to either 11:32pm (Monday-Thursday as local), or 11:40pm (Friday as express). Is this accurate or are they missing another trip like a 11:24pm?


4. If (2) crews are operating the (5), that means they could end up at Dyre if any Bowling Green (5) trains (to make up the gap in service from 5:00 to 6:18am) terminate at Dyre. Otherwise the (2) and (5) would be flipped going N/B until after 6am.

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