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Videos of NJ Transit trains X232 and X233

Eric Kreszl

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Hello Everyone,


I have videos of the NJ Transit trains X232 and X233 which are the fueling trains that run on the North Jersey Coast Line on the weekends. These are the trains that have 2 to 3 locomotives on it and speed through the train stations without stopping.






Here are some photos I took of the X trains that I have taken as well.











Enjoy the videos and the photos,



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Hey Guys,



NJ Transit started running these X trains about a few years ago. NJ Transit had to remove the fueling facilites from Bay Head Yard as part of the Yard improvement plan a few years ago. As a result NJ Transit runs these 2 X trains to take the locomotives up to the MMC or the Medowlands Maitenance Complex to refuel the locomotives and bring them back down the NJCL to Bay Head. The letter X in the trains designation means that the train is schedueled but it does not carry passengers.


Train X232 is the train going North and X233 is the train going south.


I have seen this train twice with 3 locomotives on it. The passenger cars are included on the train so that the train can run at the maximum authorized speeds. If it was just the locomotives the train would not be able to go as fast.



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