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Hello, riders!


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My name is Eddie,


I ride the train to work and for pleasure most of the time and am pleased to have discovered this forum.


I have lots of train and railroad photos of the NYC subway on My IPod device. In addition, I also enjoy riding the new R160 cars used on the Sea Beach Line.


The station announcements are so clear and the train have that state of the art look. I hope they can repair the 4th track on the N line so we can have express service again. Just like on there is a local and express on the brighton, the Sea Beach Line was built with four tracks and the reason for lack of express service is the fact the the MTA has no money to fix the worn out track between Kings Highway and 59th street. I do see that the 3rd Rail os being replaiced on the Manhattan bound track, though.


I also hope to see R160 tains on the Q Line. The R68 Trains could be used on the B or D lines.



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Welcome to the board Eddie!


Btw there aren't any plans to rebuild the sea beach express tracks. But one track is still intact so maybe you can have peak direction express service.
As much as I would love to see that, the service wouldn't make that much sense and be practical in the end. The MTA could do summer specials and have trains like from say 10 AM to maybe 3PM or so express on Sea Beach and then the night hours have trains express from Stillwell on Sea Beach.
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Hello and welcome.


About the Sea Beach express tracks... The (MTA) actually used them, for an (N) express called the (NX).


From Wikipedia:


"The light blue NX designation was used for a short-lived "super-express" service along the express tracks of the Sea Beach Line, beginning several stations east of Coney Island at Brighton Beach, and also ending at 57th Street. This service was only provided from November 27, 1967 to April 12, 1968 due to low ridership. Starting on Monday, April 15, 1968, the five NX trips instead ran as N trips."


Here's a picture taken on the second-to-last day of service.


It was the only service in history (I think) to go through Coney Island station instead of terminating there.


In my opinion, it would be great to have another NX in both directions, but I don't know how much success this one would have, since it would involve rebuilding the abandoned tracks north of Kings Highway and then attracting riders.

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