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New Fyler bus has moved to the bronx. WF and GH Depots had traded New Flyer buses.


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This 1 had moved to GunHill Depot...




Yup we can see the sign below. lol


Ok Check this out. Is obvious the Gun Hill Depot and West Farms and Traded buses for the regular 1 that is not repainted on the back which moved to WF Depot for the 1 with the plain white on the back to GH.


I know we all can't see it too good but thats the Bx5 Bus going to White Plains Road.


Traded for this bus right here.



Yup I guess West Farms Depot and Gun Hill Depot had decided to make a trade on the new flyer buses. Is obvious isnt it? U tell me. Is like doing and NBA, MLB, NHL, or MLS trade. Trading Players to different team. While Bus get traded to different depot in the different division. Get it?

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I think GH just sent those D60s to Manhattan for a repaint and then they took them back, these buses wasn't whitebacked before going to Manhattan.

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