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Looking for M1A photo submissions/donations

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Upon learning that the M1A pair that was supposedly laid up in Croton North is in fact gone and there are no more remaining M1As at all, this leaves a bit of a gap in my collection, considering there is an ACMU at the danbury railway museum. Therefore I am doing something unprecidented in my site's history and that is asking for other's photos of the M1A to post up on the site. You will get full credit, for the site, your name will be there on the photo page.


Here are the requirements:

- Must be a clean, sharp photo, no blurryness.

- Preferably an in-service one, but I will take yard shots too.

- The front of the train must not be obscured.

- The photo must be at least 850 pixels wide.

- I am looking for two photos if you have, the all blue color scheme, and the blue and white stripe one.

- Send me the car number, and that date the photo was taken, preferably from 2008-2010, showing the railcars in their last days.

- The best photo out of the lot will be used to make the 'button' for it on the commuter rail page




I wouldn't normally do this, as it is Jon's Train photos, not Jon and other people's train photos, but unfortunately I have no way of photographing whats no longer there.


To submit, send me a private message, and ill give you my email so you can email the photo if you need to.


- Jon

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