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Gil Noble 'retires' after stroke from WABC-TV/Ch. 7 as "Like It Is" is replaced with "Here and Now"

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This story should interest someone like (B35) as I don't think this will get many replies. After many years of hosting "Like It Is" one of the longest running tv newstalk programs focusing on the African-American community in US history, Gil Noble has left the program. I am surprised this developement (i.e Gil leaving this show) did not get more media attention.Noble had a recent stroke and thus was forced into retirement.

Thus this is very sad, as another great 'old school' journalist from the 'golden era' of TV journalism is now off the air. Guys if you never heard of Gil Noble, here is his link. Also Noble was a pionner as he was one of the first Black Journalists to anchor a local NYC tv newscasts starting back in 1968 as well on Ch.7.





Noble provided a "pro-black' (not 'anti-White' that some other Black oriented radio and TV shows now have) program providing a 'fair and balance' landmark and award-winning show. It dealt with only with Afro-American history but current issues of the last 40 years as well. Too bad the show was always in a terrible time slot of Sunday Mornings usually either at 7-8am (before ABC started a Sunday Morning newscast) or in recent years at 12 Noon in direct headup with NFL Pre-game.



So ABC/CH.7 has decided instead to retire "Like It Is" and create a new show focusing on headlines issues affecting the Black Community called "Here and Now." The primary hosts will be Ch. 7 Anchors Sandra Blackman, Anothny Johnson and Jeff Fergures.





So Gil Noble a class act, a great TV Commentator/Anchor best wishes for a speedy recovey and great retirement. Many people in the TV News business could take a page from you on how the 'story is the star of the news' and not the reporter or anchor themselves.


And lastly I hope WABC releases some of "Like it Is" shows on tape as it a great and rare glips of Black History you can find anywhere especially on Macolm X, MLK and the civil rights era.

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Gil has looked half dead for the past year or so. I would watch Like It Is every so often, and he barely seemed to be holding on.

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