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NYCTA Train Operator

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Questions about NYCT Train Operator Position.

(1).What is the typical age requirement for this position, and how often is the exam posted. what is the minimum to score on the test and what is the highest you can achieve.


(2).i understand the waiting list can be in the highest thousands but in reality how many out of those thousands actually get in or have a chance of getting in and how long does it usually take until your called and what happens to the people that dont get called ever do they simply wait longer or do they have to retake the exam again.


(3).Whats the Training Process Like and do you get to pick the division you want.Once your an extra do you get to pick your own shifts or Routes && how many years typically is it until you have enough seniority to pick shifts and Routes and once you have that seniority do you get to stay on that route everyday


Can someone please help me out here i looked at the Faqs and most of the questions that ive asked were not on there and i would really like to know B)

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can someone please help me out here i would like to include the information in a Essay i have to write for my class plz can anyone help me out


No one is replying because this has all been discussed so many times already and if you just use the search functon,you will find all the answers you need.

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