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Puerto Rican Day Reroutes (Yeah, I Know I'm Late)

Pablo M 201

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Thought I share a few photos I took a week ago while I attended the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Overall, very nice parade. For a short time though, I thought it would be interesting to ride a few rerouted buses and take pictures. One thing I enjoyed most that day aside from the parade was an O7 ride on the M3 via Lexington Avenue between 106th Street and 42nd Street (even though I only went as far as 92nd Street on the bus), but the best part of the ride was going up that hill between 103rd and 102nd on Lex which I must see, the O7s did mighty well on. But enough talk, time for photos.






















And then a pleasant Academy surprise....



Ok, so not all of them are reroutes, shoot me.

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Que bueno!! Manhattan hybrids are extemely well maintained. I love their hybrids. And East New York's of course! All the shots are madd hot!

Gracias! And yes, I agree the hybrids in Manhattan are very well maintanced and run great. Same goes for ENY's!


Great shots, my favorite is the one of the M86.
Thanks! That one is a fav of mine too.
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