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My Transit Journey to Philly via MTA, NJT, SEPTA, Bolt Bus Trip with Elderly Friend- Nov. 25th

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My friend, Ikue bought $4.50 MetroCard because she was going back to South Island in Japan. (Kyushu prefecture) on Sunday early morning. We already made 19:30 BoltBus from Amtrak-30th St Station.

We took turn taking pictures.


We got on front car of Times Sq-bound <7> Express #1715 departed Junction Blvd @ 7:52, arrived Times Sq @ 8:15.

Total time on Subway: 23 minutes.


Next, we got on front car of New Lots Av-bound (3) #XXXX departed 8:19, arrived 34th St-Penn Station @ 8:20.

Total time on Subway: 1 minute.

We spend outside at Penn Station at 34th St/7th Av after we got our NJT Ticket to Trenton for few minutes and she took my picture with approaching M34 SBS.


Next, we got on 8:52 Northeast Corridor which was suppose to be express, but it happened to make local stops excluding Jersey Av. We got on almost rear car #6520.


Here's how it travel.

8:52 Trip Logo

8:52 New York Penn Station- departed 8:54, 2 minutes late.

9:01 Seacus Junction- arrived ontime, departed 9:03, 2 minutes late.

9:09 Newark Penn Station- arrived 1 minute late at 9:10, departed 9:11, 2 minutes late.

9:14 Newark International Airport- arrived 1 minute late at 9:15, departed 9:16, 2 minutes late.

Elizabeth- arrived 9:20, departed 9:21.

Linden- arrived 9:26, departed 9:27.

Rahway- arrived 9:30, departed 9:31.

Metro Park- arrived 9:39, departed 9:40.

Metchuen- arrived 9:42, departed 9:43.

Edison- arrived 9:46, departed 9:47.

New Brunswick- arrived 9:51, departed 9:52.

9:48 Priceston Junction- arrived 17 minutes late at 10:05, departed 10:06, 18 minutes late.

9:54 Hamilton- arrived 17 minutes late at 10:11, departed 18 minutes late @ 10:12.

10:06 Trenton Transit Center- arrived 10:22, 16 minutes late.

Arrived Trenton Transit Center @ 10:22.

Total time on (NJT) (NEC): 88 minutes.

We used you-know-what and took few pics together.


We boarded front car of 10:45 :septa: Trenton Line #163 to Temple University departed five minutes late @ 10:50.

Here's trip logo for :septa:

10:45 Trenton Transit Center, departed five minutes late @ 10:55.

10:52 Levittown-Tullytown- arrived four minutes late at 10:56, departed 10:57, 7 minutes late.

10:56 Bristol- Arrived four minutes late at 11:00, departed five minutes late at 11:01.

11:00 Croydon- arrived 11:04 four minutes late, departed five minutes late at 11:05.

11:02 Eddington- arrived 4 minutes late at 11:06, departed five minutes late at 11:07.

11:04 Cornwell Heights- arrived 5 minutes late at 11:09, departed 6 minutes late at 11:10.

11:07 Torresdales- arrived 5 minutes late at 11:12, departed 6 minutes late at 11:13

11:11 Holmesburg Junction- arrived 4 minutes late at 11:15, departed 11:16.

11:12 Tacony- arrived 6 minutes late 11:18, departed 9 minutes late at 11:19.

11:15 Bridesburg- arrived 5 minutes late at 11:20, departed 6 minutes late at 11:21.

11:22 North Philadelphia- arrived four minutes late at 11:26, arrived 5 minutes late at 11:27.

11:33 Amtram-30th St- arrived 2 minutes late at 11:35, departed 4 minutes late at 11:37.

11:38 Suburban- arrived 2 minutes late at 11:40, departed 3 minutes late at 11:41.

11:43 Market East- arrived 7 minutes late at 11:50.

Arrived Market East at 11:50.

Total time on :septa: Trenton Line: 65 minutes.


After she bought me two SEPTA transit map and got all schedules, then we return to Market East, we boarded front car of Frankford Transportation Center-bound Market-Frankfort Line #1087 departed 11th St @ 12:34, arrived 5th St @ 12:42.

Total time on Market-Frankford Line: 8 minutes.

After we spend time at Independence National Park, we gave up on Liberty Bells because it was way long, after we took pictures with her camera, we went north on 6th St, turn right at Race St, turn right at 2nd St, entered Fireman's Hall Museum. To my surprise, while I was inside taking pic with her camera inside, elderly lady, she thought Greece tourists she met at Gospel in Harlem.

Then we went to Elfreths Alley.


Then, we got on 12:08 Allegheny-bound Route #48 #7213 departed Arch St/2nd St @ 14:10, and I thought we had to get off at 22nd St/spring Garden St and when B/O passes it, I thought he might forgot.

He happed to drove us right in front of West Entrance to Philadelphia Museum of Art at Brown St/27th St.

Arrived Brown St/27th St @ 14:27.

Total time on :septa: Bus: 17 minutes.


We spend quiet long time in Museum, taking picture with her camera for famous painting. Only places special exhibition was Modern Art Room #176 which was no photography. We enjoyed it lot.

Around 16:15s, we took picture at East Entrance and there's marriage at East Entrance staircase. She took picture.

Then, we went to take picture of East Entrance.

Then, we went back to West Entrance to get our belongings.


We boarded 5th St-bound Route #38 #8151 departed Art Museum Drive/Art Museum Stop #2 at 16:40, which was female B/O, and I think she might have made illegal detour because of heavey traffic on Benjamin Parkway. Arrived Market St/15th St @ 17:00.

Total time on :septa: Bus: 20 minutes.


Next I took pic of Broad St Subway, then we transfer to Angora-bound Route #34 Trolley #9082 departed 15th St at 17:14, arrived 37th St @ 17:20.

Total time on Trolley: 6 minutes.

I think SEPTA Trolley 37th St Station was very dirty and I think it could hit Greg Mocker's Ugliest Subway Contest since he includes PATH Train.


We got on 13th St-bound Route #34 Trolley 9089 departed 17:27, arrived 30th St @ 17:31.

Total time on Trolley: 4 minutes.


Next, Ikue had Supreme pizza and soda while I had pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut with Nestea Iced Tea.

We had relaxing dinner-lunch.

About 18:30s, we went to you-know-what, and went to gift shop.

At gift shop, I decided to buy three postcards for firehouse around 1840s.

We exit at 18:50 and we waited for 19:30 BoltBus to NY.

Then BoltBus Supervisior ask us to line up, and even we were in front, we ended up on back line.

NY-bound BoltBus #0847 came to JFK Blvd/30th St @ 19:27 came after that MegaBus M21, using Coach USA on M23, and other regular size Mega Bus.

At 19:30, we began boarding the bus.

Do you know what was strange question and we sit down near front, however front seat was for disable for eldelrly. My friend sit behind B/O while I was on 2nd row seat next to nice lady on window seat.

There was properly new passenger who was thinking bus is $1!! LOL!

As in result, bus left 9 minutes late at 19:30.

BoltBus B/O talking to dispatcher on cell phone was scary, so I put on my seatbelt just to be safe.

I am guessing driver used Market St to Schuykill Expressway North to Vine St Expressway East to Benjamin Franklin Bridge to North-South Expressway South to Interstate 75 Express South, onto NJ Turnpike to Lincoln Tunnel to 34th St exit to Dyre Av, turn left at 30th St, turn left at 8th Av, turn left at 34th St, arrived 34th St/8th Av ontime at 19:30.

Total time on Bolt Bus: 111 Minutes.


While I make sure everyone knows how to use M34 SBS Machine at 34th St/7th Av, first M34A SBS #3413 came and I got receipt just in case if newcomers doesn't know, Ikue went to take picture of Marcy's.

Soon she came back and we took elevator down to NY Penn Station.

We got on front car of Harlem-bound #3 #1565 departed 34th St-Penn Station @ 21:56, arrived Times Sq at 21:57.

Total time on Subway: 1 minute.

Next, we got on front car of Flushing-bound (7) Local #2080 departed 22:00, arrived Junction Blvd @ 22:40.

Total time on Subway: 40 minutes.

Enjoy it!!

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