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(AUS)Waratah plans off the rails again

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From the SMH:

Waratah plans off the rails again


Jacob Saulwick

November 29, 2011


RAILCORP is being forced to cancel runs scheduled by its new Waratah trains which are plagued by glitches.


Yesterday an electronic failure kept two of the five Waratah trains out of service on the East Hills line.


Waratah plans off the rails again


What an inaccurate article.

First off:

The failure, which involved the internal intercom systems and destination boards, meant RailCorp had to use a standby train on a day when a signalling failure at Central Station had already triggered disruptions across the network.


I have read that the Intercoms and Destination boards are on seperate systems. If both were to be knocked out it wouldn't just be the intercoms and destos dead.


Another incident occurred on November 6 when a service involving two trains was terminated at Liverpool because of a faulty display screen.


Two trains. There is no two trains with a Waratah. If there was it would be 16 cars long!


One source said the power failure occurred when the Waratah was ''Chernobyled'' - or had more power than it could handle. A RailCorp spokeswoman said the fault was related to electronic components and was rectified.

A train cannot get more power than it can handle. 1500v nothing more. It can draw way too much but you're more likely to kill the sub.


Most of it seems to be everyday incidents that can occur. Railcorp bashing I think is the term to use.

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