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The Cynwyd Line Uncut

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Cynwyd Station



To the 'Manayunk' bound platform.



An Example of Rails With Trails.


End of Cynwyd Line for train, people can still keep going.


Along the Abandoned Line




Barmouth or what's left of it...damn trailers ripped up the station.



Approach to the Penncoyd Bridge








Manayunk East Station






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how much more does this right of way extend? Why was it terminated? Could it be revamped for service?


It continues down the ramp to the Ivy Ridge Railroad Station which is still standing but I was really pooped from walking from Cynwyd plus the bridge was close so I had a take a detour. The canterary poles go all the way to Norristown.


As you can see the Cynwyd Line is not a popular line if they need only one car to serve it. The next station, Barmouth was strictly a flag stop since it only served the two cemetery it was in between. The line was opened as the PRR Schuylkill Line and was electrified to Norristown. When PC got it, the noticed alot more people was taking the Reading train into Philadelphia from Norristown. So they cut the line in 1962 to Manayunk and reduced it to one track. Finally SEPTA made the line extend to Ivy Ridge as a deperation shot for people to take the PRR side into the city. It Worked! Till the bridge began to crumb in 86' putting a Hault All at Cynwyd. SEPTA was screwed so they tried to knock the bridge down but they ended up restoring it since it was cheaper. But as everyone know SEPTA and they're dirty politics, the railroad service was never restored. Tho till this day SEPTA refused to put the line on the dead list. According to SEPTA, they can restore service anytime they want...WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT A TRAIL OVER IT THEN???


SEPTA as this point has no intent to restore service, Barmouth is gone, Manayunk and Ivy Ridge lay in ruins, and the catenary was yanked in 2006 to prevent copper theft.

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