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The third and last part of my trip brought me to NYC and the Boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens hoping to catch some new bus action. Here are some photos from the day.


1998 Nova RTS-06 #9450 seen at Queens Plaza prior to a run on the B62:



Borrowed MTA Bus Orion V CNG #9920 working the N20 for LIBus:



Nova LFS #8064 rumbling also Springfield Blvd in Jamaica, Queens:



1998 Nova RTS-06 #9567 taken in B&W with a flock of Seagulls flying above:



Orion V CNG #9949 climbing Eliot Avenue in Queens:



Orion V #7285 along Northern Blvd:



Finally…a New Flyer C40LF…#189 at Queens Plaza:




1998 Orion V CNG #743 departed for its Limited run on the B103:



1999 Nova RTS-06 #5092 leads a pack of Q Shuttle buses at Atlantic/Pacific Station:



Orion VII Hybrid #4604 packing it in at Prospect Park Station:



Nova LFSA #1265 in full SBS mode in the Q Shuttle:



Kicked out of its terminus, New Flyer C40LF #961 has nowhere to go:



Orion VII Hybrid #6783 waits to turn onto 7th Avenue at 34th Street:





1998 Nova RTS-06 #9445 (DD50/Allison)



1998 Orion V CNG #9973 (DD50G/Allison)



2011 New Flyer C40LF #189 (Cummins ISL-G/Allison)



1998 Nova RTS-06 #9567 (Audio clip)



1999 New Flyer C40LF #901 (Audio Clip)



1999 Nova RTS-06 #5037 (DD50/Allison)



1999 New Flyer C40LF (DD50G/Allison)



New York City Transit: Brooklyn & Queens Edition:


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Even I gotta admit your presentation was very good not to mention every bus type:tup::tup:


When I go out of town, I go hard and NYC is so fun to photograph but I'm still learning new places to go so thank you for your compliments.

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