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Nation's top traffic bottleneck's in the Bronx


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Nation's top traffic bottleneck's in the Bronx



June 17, 2008



Steve Alpert

Photo showing the way to the Cross Bronx Expressway


What is the worst bottleneck location in the United States?


Many New York drivers know the answer to that question all too well: the Cross Bronx Expressway at the exit for the Bronx River Parkway.


A recent traffic study conducted by INRIX, a provider of real-time traffic information to many popular GPS devices and mobile phones, found that the westbound section of the Cross Bronx was, indeed, the worst bottleneck in the country.


The study was based on the analysis of 30,000 road segments from around the nation covering 50,000 miles of primary roadways in the United States. It is based on data collected from nearly 1 million anonymous, GPS-equipped commercial vehicles that report their speed and location continually to INRIX. INRIX then factored in other relevant traffic-related data such as road sensors, toll tags and traffic incident data to come up with the figures.


The study found the metropolitan area to be the second-most congested driving area in the nation. The most congested was the Los Angeles- Long Beach- Santa Ana area of California.


"It's not the least bit surprising," AAA of New York spokesman Robert Sinclair Jr. said of the findings regarding the metro area. The Cross Bronx is the primary truck route through the Bronx.


"You get on the Cross Bronx at any time of the day or night and it always seems like there's congestion," Sinclair said. "The Cross Bronx Expressway is out of date. It needs replacement or expansion. You look up in the dictionary under outdated or poorly designed and there'll be a picture of the Cross Bronx Expressway there."


The study found the worst traffic day in America is Fridays, that the worst commute is Friday afternoons and the worst commuting hour is Friday from 5-6 p.m.


The study also found that the best hour of the week to commute is 6-7 a.m. Monday.

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Doesn't surprise me, that is why when I did charter from L.I., to N.J., I would use the Bruckner to the Deegan, or the Hard (Harlem River Drive).......


As for Fridays being the worst days for traffic, that is a HUGE fact. Soon I will be looking down, smiling at those in it........

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