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R40 Subway Model Video!

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Really cool stuff. How does controlling the announcements work? Can they be controlled at all?


The announcements come built in already. I hold down the 'Bell' Button for like 3 seconds, and it will shorten it stay in the station.


Wow thats really nice. I can't wait 2 get my model trains.


Thanks! Go get 'em!


What does the TA call it when the train loses a car?

Man Down? lol


Great vid! Those models are great!




Very nice models!


You mean an undesired coupling i believe.


how can I buy it on the web, and for how much?

Will be very useful to know


Ebay, Model Train Stores, http://www.trainworld.com is where I go.


Usually you can find a 4 Car Set of R-40 Slants for $449.99 to $479.99

And the 2 car you can find for $ 167.99 - $189.99

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im contemplating weather I want to get a set...I usually by any set that covers the late 70's/early 80's to current era, but I am a really big fan of R-40's...so idk..does anyone know where I can find TA logos??


I jus dont want to get another set with half my windows popped out like I did with the R-12's & 32's :mad:

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