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'89 Liberty MCI

Please Help: Trying to Compile a List of All NYCS Stations with Curved Platforms

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I know that the track maps show curvatures in some stations, but there are some curvatures that the track maps do not show. A station has a curvature if you are standing at either end of a full-length, stationary train sitting in the station, and cannot see down the length of the entire train.


To clarify, this means that if you are standing at one end, you cannot see all the way to the opposite end of the train. It also means that you cannot see every passenger getting on and off through all doors of the train and cannot see every indicator light on each car of the train.


I will start by listing the stations that obviously have this view-obscuring curvature based on Google maps and my own experience as I have been personally observing these things at as many stations as possible. I know I could also look at pictures taken in every station in the system, but it would take too long to do that and some stations may not have pictures that clearly show this curvature.


At stations where there are distinct platforms served by distinct lines (like West 8 Street-New York Aquarium with the Culver line on the lower level and the Brighton line on the upper level), please indicate which platforms have the curvature.


It is not necessary to specify which platform of a platform set has a curvature, if only that platform has the curvature while the others in the set do not. For example if only the uptown IRT platform at 59 Street-Columbus Circle (the platform set here would be the "IRT platform set") has a curvature, you can simply list it as "59 Street-Columbus Circle (IRT only)."


No need to specify uptown or downtown. No need to specify express platform or local platform either, unless the express and local platforms are on different levels like the IND Fulton Street line. Or the BMT Nassau Street line at Fulton Street, where Jamaica-bound trains are on the upper level and Broad Street-bound trains are on the lower level.


01. 103 Street-Broadway

02. 72 Street-Broadway

03. 59 Street-Columbus Circle (both IRT and IND)

04. 14 Street-Union Square (IRT and BMT Broadway only)

05. West Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue

06. 174 Street-Southern Blvd

07. Freeman St-Southern Blvd

08. Bedford Park Blvd-Grand Concourse

09. 170 Street-Grand Concourse

10. 238 Street-Broadway

11. 225 Street-Broadway

12. 137 Street-Broadway-City College

13. Dyckman Street-Broadway

14. Beach 98 Street-Rockaway Freeway

15. Beach 25 Street-Rockaway Freeway

16. Beach 60 Street-Rockaway Freeway

17. Broad Channel

18. 104 Street-Liberty Avenue

19. Rockaway Blvd-Liberty Avenue

20. Broadway Junction (BMT Canarsie only)

21. 111 Street-Jamaica Avenue

22. Woodhaven Blvd-Jamaica Avenue

23. 85 Street-Jamaica Avenue

24. Norwood Avenue-Fulton Street

25. Myrtle Avenue-Broadway

26. Fresh Pond Road-67 Avenue

27. Smith Street-9 Street

28. West 8 Street-New York Aquarium (both Brighton and Culver)

29. 55 Street-New Utrecht Avenue

30. 8 Avenue-62 Street

31. Fort Hamilton Pkwy-62 Street

32. New Utrecht Avenue-62 Street (Sea Beach only)

33. 20 Avenue-64 Street

34. Parkside Avenue-Ocean Avenue

35. Sheepshead Bay Road-East 15 Street

36. Borough Hall (IRT East Side only)

37. Grand Street-Bushwick Avenue

38. Lorimer Street-Metropolitan Avenue (BMT Canarsie only)

39. 207 Street-Broadway


Perhaps I listed most of the 'curvy' stations in the system, but if there are any I missed I really do need to know. I cannot leave a stone unturned with this as this is very important information that I will use for academic and research purposes. Thank y'all for filling in the blanks, if there are any.


Much appreciated contributions from others:


40. Sutphin Blvd-Archer Avenue (BMT Jamaica only)

41. Bushwick Avenue-Aberdeen Street

42. Fordham Road-Grand Concourse

43. 182/183 Streets-Grand Concourse

44. 174/175 Streets-Grand Concourse

45. 167 Street-Grand Concourse

46. 161 Street-River Avenue (IND Concourse only)

47. 155 Street-Frederick Douglass Blvd (8 Avenue). Every Concourse station has curved platforms except 205, Kingsbridge, and Tremont.

48. 145 Street-St. Nicholas Avenue

49. 125 Street-St. Nicholas Avenue

50. Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall

51. Flushing Avenue-Marcy Avenue

52. 15 Street-Prospect Park West

53. Fort Hamilton Parkway-Prospect Expressway

54. Ocean Parkway-Brighton Beach Avenue

55. Essex Street-Delancey Street (BMT Jamaica only)

56. Union Turnpike-Queens Blvd-Kew Gardens

57. 67 Avenue-Queens Blvd

58. Woodhaven Blvd-Queens Blvd-Queens Center Mall

59. Elmhurst Avenue-Broadway

60. Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue-Broadway (IND only)

61. Queens Plaza-Northern Blvd-Queens Blvd

62. 5 Avenue-42 Street (IRT and IND)

63. City Hall-Warren Street-Murray Street-Broadway

64. Whitehall Street-Water Street-South Ferry

65. 179 Street-Hillside Avenue

66. Briarwood-Van Wyck Blvd-Main Street

67. Broadway-LaFayette Street-Houston Street

68. East Broadway-Canal Street-Rutgers Street

69. Hunterspoint Avenue (49 Street)-21 Avenue

70. 7 Avenue-53 Street

71. 34 Street-Herald Square (BMT and IND)

72. Prospect Avenue-4 Avenue

73. 42 Street-8 Avenue-PABT

74. Chambers Street-World Trade Center

75. 96 Street-Broadway

76. South Ferry (IRT)

77. East 149 Street-Southern Blvd

78. Grand Central (IRT East side and IRT Flushing only)

79. Astor Place-8 Street-4 Avenue

80. Broad Street-Wall Street

81. Fulton Street-Nassau Street


With that, I think we actually got all of them...

Edited by '89 Liberty MCI
As people list more stations and as I think of more, I will edit this post to reflect changes.

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I'm pretty sure both Fort Hamilton Parkway and 15 Street on the (F) are both curved. Most Concourse stations are curved too.


Brooklyn Bridge- City Hall on the (4), (5), (6) as well.

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QB Line: Union Turnpike, 67th Ave, Woodhaven Blvd, Elmhurst Ave, Roosevelt Ave (very slight curve on q/b end), Queens Plaza.

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137th Street-City College. The platform curve slightly heading south, and then becomes straight again.


Like this:









I think BMT City Hall and BMT Whitehall Street have slight curves, too.


I also think IRT 42nd Street-Bryant Park has a slight curve.

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In the IRT:


225th St. - 1

Dyckman St. - 1 - slight curve, north end

137th St./City College - 1

110th St./Cathedral Pkwy - 1

103rd St. - 1

86th St. - 1

79th St. - 1 - very slight, south end

72nd St. - 1,2,3

59th St./Columbus Circle - 1


West Farms Sq./E. Tremont Ave. - 2,5

E. 174th St. - 2,5

Freeman St. - 2,5

Jackson Ave. - 2,5 - very slight, south end of the station

Central Park North/110th St. - 2,3

Wall St. - 2,3

Borough Hall - 2,3 - very slight, northbound only

Nevins St. - 2,3,4,5 - northbound (both tks) and southbound local


Woodlawn - 4 - very slight, north end of the station

167th St. - 4 - very slight, north end of the station, southbound track

42nd St./Grand Central - 4,5,6 - south end of the station, most noticeable on the local tracks and S/B express.

14th St./Union Square. - 4,5,6

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall - 4,5,6 - north end of the station

Bowling Green - 4,5 - southbound track, both ends

Borough Hall - 4,5 - south end of the station


Morris Park - 5 - slight, south end of the station


E. 149th St. - 6

Cypress Ave. - 6 - one end of the station (north?) I forget which...slight

Astor Place - 6 - north end

Bleecker St. - 6 - north end

Spring St. - 6


Times Sq./42nd St. - 7 - west end

5th Ave./Bryant Park - 7

Grand Central/42nd St. - 7 - west end

Main St./Flushing - 7 - east end

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I wonder if the Abandoned South ferry IRT station really has any curve... :(



I know this is a bit off-topic, but if you want you can this to your list as a bonus.


Here are the PATH stations that have curves (I can see that PATH really doesn't like curved stations!


-> Newark Penn Station

-> Journal Square

-> Exchange Place

and... that seems like thats it! PATH sure does like straight staions :(.

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