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East New York

Happy Holidays & A Special Thanks

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Merry Christmas, Happly Holidays, and Happy New Year NYC Transit Forums!


It's been a very interesting past few years, and I want to thank all of our staff, and members both present and past. You all make this place what it is, while helping to improve transit in many ways. Always know, that when you post, your photos do not go unnoticed, and your opinions and contributions are always valued.


To our transit personnel members, I would like to take this time to thank you especially.


Now more than 6,000 members strong, we are raising the bar on all things transit. I want to thank the countless bus operators, train operators & conductors, mechanics, engineers, track workers, signal maintainers, booth agents, customer service reps, supervisors, planners, executives, ATU, and TWU reps.


I would also like to thank our non-posting members and contacts which include the above titles, as well as executives and managers from Daimler Orion, MCI, Prevost/Nova, MTS, New Flyer, Cummins, Vapor, Clever Devices, and anyone else I may have forgot. We will strive to provide accurate information to the community/industry as much as we possibly can. Thank you for your help, support, and service!


Above all, I would like to thank the (MTA) ,TTMG, and again all the transit personnel who move New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and every other transit agency worldwide. We have all learned a lot from each other, and grown in many ways. MTA employees, regional/ tri-state bus operators and TTMG staff and followers make up our base. Together, we are moving transit forward, and this is a non-stop route!


And to all those who moved the region during Hurricane Irene, I commend you! We thank you!


Together with TTMG, and our other partners, we provide you with the #1 resource network for all things transit in the New York area. We will continue to build upon this network in 2012, and expand our reach across the rest of the country to become one of the top transit resource centers in America.



-Transit Focused, Member Driven

-Moving Transit Forward

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