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Joel Up Front

What the HELL is Congress doing? Stop Online Piracy Act

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I know a bunch of legislation like this has been bouncing around, maybe because people are too busy trying to bootleg HP movies and Twilight, but what in God's name is this?


SOPA: Washington vs. The Web


So the government could just shut entire domains down if they think it's linked to piracy. This is just one of the many anti-Internet bills they're trying to hammer through all in the name of "stopping piracy."


They spent millions, if not billions, on an investigation into why an MLB player used 'roids. They bailed failing banks out with billions of dollars. They can't figure out how to get people their jobs back, how to make the dollar even a minute amount more valuable, they drag expensive and costly wars for the sake of defense contractors... but the entertainment industry? Apparently so much more important than any of that...


You know it's bad when you have representatives on both sides opposing the bill. People that bicker and complain over the stupidest things all united by one thing: keeping the Internet as is.


**** the entertainment industry. Music today is so bad, the sounds of bad train and bus brakes are angel sighs to my ears. Most movies today are crappy adaptations or remakes of stuff that was much better in its original form (see: 1974 version of Pelham vs the 2009, original Day the Earth Stood Still vs 2008, countless "Superhero" movies...), or sequels of "hit" movies that weren't all that great anyway. Why the hell do they refuse to get with the times? Am I going to get my ass beat by the FBI because I watched an episode of a Japanese cartoon with my friend? Screw you, entertainment industry, and everything you stand for. All your stars are the same, all your movies are the same, and I don't know how much government ****riding you're doing, but it'd better damn well stop...

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