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Maps For Christmas

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A little something for the bus map-editors on here


I finished cleaning out the Staten Island map, and I recolored the other maps (It's a new color scheme I wanted to try. Tell me what you think of it!)


Manhattan Map

Bronx Bus Map

Staten Island Bus Map

Brooklyn Bus Map


Note that I didn't blank out the Manhattan and Bronx Bus Maps; that was Gorgor and r40 5401 respectively. I only recolored those maps. The Brooklyn and Staten Island maps were me.


Feel free to share the maps with your friends or pets or whatever, but always give credit where it's due.


I uploaded the maps on Google Docs, so the quality is terri-bad and the maps need a little time to load.

To see them (and edit them) open them up on Inkscape! If you want to edit maps and you haven't done so already.... hop to it! Inkscape is free to download, harmless, and fairly straightforward.


The only map left is the Queens bus map! I'm sorry to say, I have no desire to clean it out; it's gonna take forever... the Queens map is huge!


Also... does anyone know a reliable place where I can upload PDF documents? I actually finished a few maps on Inkscape, but every single time I've uploaded a PDF to Google docs, Google docs wasn't able to display it... or let me share it either. So yeah. Your help would be appreciated.


Merry Christmas!!!

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