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Pictures of the Bx19 when its not running on the artic line....


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Ok when the Bx19 is running on the artic line( The New Flyer Bus aka The Strech bus) they will use the Orion V, Orion Low Hybrid, and The TMC RTS Bus to help it out. Remember one that this TMC Nova Bus and the 1994 TMC RTS Buswas under by West Farms Depot and run on the Bx19 bus. Untill they took The 1994 TMC RTS Bus and the TMC Nova out of the West Farms Depot> It last for a short period of time.


I rememeber back in 2005 before they took the TMC RTS, and the TMC Nova Bus out of kingsbridge depot at one time when I got off the (2) train to West Farms Square/ E.Tremont Avenue I saw the Bx9 running under the 1999 Orion, and the 1994 Orion and the TMC Nova Bus when it usually runs on the artic line going to Riverdale.


Well usually see the Bx4 and the Bx5 running on the orion V and the 1999 Orion bus once in a while when it usually runs on the new flyer artic line. Has anyone see and M15 running on the TMC NovaBus lately?

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